Sunday, April 6, 2014

brunch bunch: blue bird bistro

In March, my two sisters-in-law and I began a new monthly tradition of meeting for brunch. We've decided to make our way around Kansas City for some drinks, brunch eats, and girl time. Our kickoff weekend was held at Blue Bird Bistro last Saturday morning.

The charming exterior had a yellow door I was crazy about, and the interior was darling, as well. It was  divided into a couple of different rooms that made it relatively quiet and low-key. Service was friendly and prompt [well, at the start], and we started in with mimosas and bloody mary's. The menu was interesting, boasting organic and all-natural ingredients. I had sweet potato & granola whole wheat pancakes - a tasty treat - though I was coveting Les's breakfast pizza to my left.

Lasting impressions: The service was very friendly, but really, really, REALLY slow - a full hour before we received our meals. [I'm going to just take a stab that they were out of an ingredient or something of the sort - I'd imagine it's not usually that slow.] It works out that we weren't in a hurry, were without babies who could have lost their patience, and were in good company.  Food prices were decent considering quality of their ingredients. My drink was pricey for such a small glass, but it was delicious, nonetheless, and a staple for a Saturday morning ladies brunch. Overall, it was definitely tasty enough to return, but maybe for a different dish to satisfy my savory side.. or for lunch!

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