Monday, April 14, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We had a gorgeous weekend. One perfect for spending time out on our porch, but with less allergy reactions than I experienced our last nice weekend. [PTL]

I believe saggy knees have never looked so good.

And that waving never looked so cute. Or haphazard.

Or giant, clumsy steps, too.

My coworkers and I rocked our booth at Rock the Parkway for a fun-filled Friday.

Then settled into my weekend with some bare feet and a beverage while watching the older 2 boys play frisbee in our [green!] yard.

Was pleased that even our Saturday morning warranted breakfast on the porch.

  We had a church Easter egg hunt that was a fun outing for our littles.

our Macygirl.

Back porch chillin' with Brooksy.

And some back porch ballin'.

 And outdoor play with Owen.

Our Sunday wasn't quite as fun with some water heater flushing malfunctions, news of a local hate crime shooting, and storms that kept us indoors. I did manage to sneak away for a photo session in between rains, and a hot shower at the in-laws after the boys were in bed, thus delaying my weekend post. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We've got a short week ahead!

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