Monday, April 28, 2014

my weekend in photos.

A fun weekend that did not involve running errands for once, but included a family date night, some walks to the park, a 4-year old birthday party, church, a morning run, and time outdoors. Oh, and my baby learned to climb stairs. Eek!

Babies in jammies is a favorite of all of ours at our house.

Post-nap happy baby.

Owen had his first friend birthday party this past weekend. All of the sudden our usual party at home doesn't seem so fun.. 

Following his Saturday morning swim, I found him in the middle of his bedroom floor like this.

Owen's favorite new nighttime activity. Scooter to the park.

Followed by some basketball. It's really a perfect night in Owen's world.

We had a family date night to Spin Pizza, toasting the boys' swim team who gifted us the gift card to one of our family's favorite spots. I left with a full belly, and full heart. Sure do love my 3 boys!

I played photographer on Saturday night at an event benefiting a local non-profit that serves adults with special needs in the KC area. I was actually an attendee at the same gala by chance a few years back, so it was fun to be on the other end - though it made for a looong Saturday night on my feet. 

These are my boys. They make my heart sing.

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