Saturday, May 3, 2014

easter in indiana.

This year I spent Easter in Indiana with the two little boys, while Colby stayed back for work.

Some time ago, I took my first flight with both boys. I made a mental note that it could never run as smoothly as it did again, and for that very reason I'd avoid that kind of adventure for future travel plans. Six months later, however, I found myself in a familiar place.

The Thursday morning before Easter, I arrived to my gate 20 minutes before my already-boarding flight was scheduled to depart. I was flying solo with both boys, and it was also in that moment that I discovered I had left our baby formula behind. After a minor panic attack, a quick call to momma, and a bottle-less and miraculously seamless flight, we arrived in Indianapolis where Grandma was waiting to squeeze her boys.. with baby formula in tow.

Easter morning church was spent at St. Francis - my Catholic beginnings were more than rusty, and while I didn't know my lines, I found myself mostly concentrating on my fidgety and newly momma's boy baby that somehow settled down, and fell asleep in Grandma's arms, though his days of cuddling when sleepy were otherwise a distant memory. Also had to take a moment to answer an inquiry from my oldest who wondered why there was no blood pictured on a piece of art with Jesus hanging from the cross. Boys.

A small gathering for an Easter and 4th birthday celebration was held at my aunt & uncle's house, which felt unusually empty and relatively quiet with only 2 of the cousin-kiddos around. An easter egg hunt was held outdoors, and a fancy birthday tea party held indoors.

We capped off our Easter Sunday with races, grass stains, picking up sticks, and roasting marshmallows over a campfire. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather - for our entire visit, really.

Owen lead Grandma and Uncle Derek on a nature walk one day, complete with "fishing" in our pond. He found a toad which he refused to touch with his bare hands (not my kid!), but found great joy in carrying it around on a piece of bark. He fed the baby lambs, declared Gertrude his favorite (though he insisted it was a boy because of its black markings), and warmed right up to having them follow him around. He raced everyone who would oblige, and beat all of us in his new "fast shoes." He followed and actually helped as Derek cleaned up sticks and tree limbs from the yard. He also followed his every move as he tended to his fruit and vegetable plants. He created masterful centerpieces with picked dandelions, grass, sticks, and dirt. He rode his scooter, and shot hoops on my childhood tattered outdoor goal.

Meanwhile, Brooks decided that this trip would be a good time to find security in being with momma all the time. He could be distracted, but I couldn't be within his vantage point without him deciding he'd rather be with me. This worked in Owen's favor as it guaranteed Grandma's free hands and focus. Brooks also decided that this trip would be the turning point for the acceptance of eating baby food - he did great with all 3 varieties we picked up at the store!

We capped off our visit with our traditional visit to Pizza King - Owen's favorite spot - and headed for the airport. This time, I was sure to have formula in tow. And new teethers and snacks left by the Easter Bunny a couple of days before. But bottles and teething toys and puffs and yogurt melts and toys that make noise and mommies that make funnier ones don't do squat for a baby's ears suffering from descending plane with bad cabin pressure. Unfortunately for the people who rolled their eyes as baby after baby boarded their flight (it was a plane FULL o' babes), every last one of them lost their minds for that 15 minute descent while mine did, too. Let's try to not forget that great idea I had to avoid traveling with both boys alone next time.

Nevertheless, our visit was really special. They always are.

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