Friday, May 9, 2014

halfway point.

On January 16, my mom found herself in the ER after a dizzy spell at work. Some tests were run, and a mass was spotted in her colon and other spots on her liver and spleen. The next day she was seeing an oncologist. The following week she was in for a biopsy and colonoscopy. And the week after that - on Tuesday, January 28 - she was diagnosed with cancer. A nasty and aggressive and advanced stage of cancer of the colon and other nearby organs and her lymphatic system.

2014's rocky start had just hit rock bottom. My sweet mommy was handed a terrible and quite unexpected diagnosis that completely knocked the wind from the sails of all who were a part of the previous couple of weeks' rocky road.

This week she's just over 3 months in and has just past her halfway point of chemo treatment.

The reality of cancer is that it blows. But I have been overwhelmed by support in all forms from so many people who have loved me and/or my mom and family over the years. I'm always thankful, and especially grateful these last few months to these people who have extended love and prayers our direction.

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