Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy momma's day.

I call my mom every single morning on my drive to work. Usually Owen is in the car with me and will share in part of our morning conversations. If there's a benefit to her sickness, it's that I can count on her being home each morning when I call, rather than at work. I usually babble on about life's little details - mostly about the boys - while she listens enthusiastically and laughs at Brooks' recent shenanigans and Owen's preschool tales.

I'll be calling her this morning. The conversation likely won't differ much from the day before aside from an exchange of "Happy Mother's Days." But this woman is my angel, my heart, and my momma.   So thankful for her example. So thankful for her. Happy Mother's Day to mine, and all of the other amazing mommas out there!

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