Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my [memorial day] weekend in photos.

I love Memorial Day weekend: Summer's kickoff spread across a 3-day weekend.

The end of May is usually jam packed. Between end of year parties, and teacher appreciation gifts, and the baking that ensues for said parties and gifts.. Childcare transitions that have us bouncing about the city with calendar maintenance OCD in overdrive.. The start of baseball for nieces, a nephew, and now my own kid.. Wrapping up the school year for my teacher husband, while also beginning his summer at the pool.. A couple of stacked birthdays, usually warranting out of state family visitors, and a party to plan.. it keeps my head spinning with excitement, but also anticipating coming up for air after these few weeks have passed.

Memorial Day marked 10 months for my second baby. 10 month olds are busy. And destructive.

In a cute and "helpful" sort of way.

But mostly destructive.  (And cute.)

Memorial Day weekend is for grilling. 

And for playing in the water.

And for "camp-outs" on bedroom floors.

 ...and for "homework?" In Owen's world, it is.

For family far away, it's for getting new puppies. 

And in our family, it's often for celebrating a birthday. Memorial Day at the K!

"Roam the globe be home by nap time." Word.

 But after nap time, let's roll.

These two brothers sure made it sweet.

Oh, and so did these.

I like spending Memorial Day weekend with them.

I hope your long weekend was enjoyable! We've got another busy week ahead - catch ya on the flip side!

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