Sunday, May 4, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Ahhhhh, the nice weather has returned. Just when I thought it might be here to stay, mother nature threw us a curve ball at the start of the week. It sleeted. And we had to turn our heat back on! Oy.

I love Owen's school. It's a preschool and mother's day out program that is connected with a small Lutheran K-6 school. Because there's a full school attached, we are often given opportunities that other preschool programs may not otherwise offer. Friday night they hosted a Mommy-Son Ooey Gooey Science night. We made slime, silly putty, flubber, moon sand, and a couple of other gooey concoctions that we took home for the fun to continue. It was nice to have a little evening out - just the two of us. 

This past week was also Owen's first t-ball practice for our first go at an organized team sport. The first night he came home to have hot chocolate (remember the weather?), and on Saturday he came home a schweaty mess. More to come on t-ball in the weeks ahead!

Hot days are my personal favorite for porch nights once the sun begins to set. The weather is perfect.

A 9-month doctor's visit for this little guy. No shots!

We attended my niece's softball game on Saturday morning. Brooks yelled "Baaaa baaa baaaa" quite loudly - obviously he was cheering for his big cousin. 

We took a trip to the park to shoot some hoops to pass some time on our Sunday afternoon.

And to finish off our weekend, we had some friends/family over for some homemade pizza and fondue. Since we usually get together for a girls night out without children, it was a nice change of pace to include little people and spouses.

And that's what you get for asking a 6 year old to take a photo. ;-) 

We had a full, but really fun weekend over here. I think I'll be in bed early tonight!

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