Sunday, May 18, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Friday Family Date Night again! We hit up an old favorite, and graced their floors with plenty of cheerios and finger foods. (With a year of waiting tables in my past, I'm well aware we were the table no waiter wanted.) You're welcome.

Macy doesn't really listen to anyone, but Kirkwood is great about taking commands from Owen now, too. "Sit, boy."

Finally, the warm weather has returned! This little one has been working hard at growing a top tooth. It hasn't popped through yet, but white and swollen gums tell us it's close!

Post t-ball time on the playground. No teeter totters or merry-go-rounds to be seen, but some interesting spin-offs!

Brooks and I sat at circle time while our teacher read the Bible to us. I think someone is going to miss school this summer!

We had company over on Saturday night, and they brought this bottle. I immediately was reminded of our Napa vacation in 2012, and visiting this [very beautiful] winery. I sure do love how the number of Hoosiers we know in KC is growing!

Sunday morning brunch to me, from me. Just because. Nom.

We spend a lot of time "timing" Owen's races. This kid loves to run. And be timed. 

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