Wednesday, May 21, 2014

school's out for the summer.

School came to a close last Wednesday. (Well, for one member of our family, anyway.) But it hardly felt like the start to summer when I had to dress my little guy in pants and long sleeves due to the cold front that has moved through here.

We sent Owen to his first day of preschool last August, and not only did he survive this school year, but he thrived. My sweet little guy has grown so much over the past nine months. And I don't mean just because he's about to turn 4 and his legs and arms stick out and inch or two from most of his size 3 clothing. (Thank the Lord summer came back this week. Buh-bye long sleeves and pants!) He's had the influence of 4-6 older boy classmates throughout the year -- all of which are going on to kindergarten next year -- that have aged his personality so much. He began the year able to draw the letter "O," and most days the "W" and "E" from his name and able to recognize over half of the letters from the alphabet, and has ended the year able to write all but just a few letters of the alphabet from memory and can recognize all letters - both lower and uppercase. (Though, I expect a summer break might make room for forgetting, and that's okay.) And our conversations and his ability to reason just make him seem so grown. My first baby.

I'm just thankful his little girlfriend, "Wou" (Lou), will be sticking around with him for one more year. She and Owen are a month apart in age and great buds. (Though he seldom admits that he plays with/likes her because she's a GIRL, and he only likes the BOYS.. but his teachers tell me differently.) It will be nice to have a familiar face in a class full of new ones come August. Already looking forward to another year in Mrs. Starrett's class!

Proud of that boy. I'm so very fond of him. Happy summer vacation!

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