Tuesday, June 10, 2014

brunch bunch: rye kc

Memorial Day weekend was our much anticipated brunch bunch gathering at Rye KC. It was my second time dining there, but my first time at brunch. 

Rye is another local joint that prides themselves in using local farms and fresh ingredients. It's one of two KC restaurants owned by husband and wife chef duo named Colby &  Megan. (They also have two young children, but it seems like I had read somewhere that one was a girl.) 

We sat on the patio, despite the soggy weather and cool temperatures. I would imagine it's quite delightful on a warm summer evening, but the ambience isn't quite there when everything around us was damp and I was sitting on my fingers at the end of my meal to keep warm. 

The food, however, was splendid. Of course, I ordered a mimosa. It was delicious, though maybe second to the one I enjoyed at Blue Bird during our last brunch. My sister-in-law ordered a bloody mary [which I'd normally turn my up my nose, but curiosity got the best of me] with an interesting barbecue flavor, which I surprisingly enjoyed. And my crepes were outstanding; too outstanding to share. I have a soft spot for sweet crepes. The honey and sweet cream atop my fruit and crepes was just heavenly. And in case that wasn't enough for my sweet tooth, I ordered one of "Meg's daily pastries" - another long time love of mine: a cinnamon roll. It didn't disappoint. The dishes surrounding mine were lovely, and they seemed to be enjoyed to the same degree.

Lasting impressions: Friendly and punctual service.* (However, I was carded for my mimosa. And I was the only one carded in my group of three - awkward and not their most professional decision. But to their credit, the gal was in training.) And they served some great food and drinks. The price point was only a little higher than our last, but certainly worth it for the quality of food. I'll definitely be back for another brunch (and other meals!) - and I'll be bringing my hubby along. He'd die over that bloody mary!

After only two visits, this place is quite easily raising to the upper ranks in favorite KC restaurants. 

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Leslee Dummermuth said...

I think I'll wear a Hello Kitty shirt next time…maybe then I'll be carded. #i'mgettingold #youaren't