Sunday, June 1, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We had a busy weekend around here. We started off Friday night with a work co-shower for a bride-to-be, and mama-to-be themed "Nappies & Nighties." Diapers and lingerie - clever, huh? 

Saturday morning we were so thrilled to have Owen's first t-ball game. He had a big first day, playing both "pitcher" and catcher - so he got a lot of ball action. My little guy rocked his first game! 

And his second, which was played today.

We also had some special visitors during his first 2 games - one of them being our most favorite teacher! He loved having a cheering section. :)

We had a couple of cousins with their first games this weekend, too. So after grabbing a lunch on the go, we caught the last part of one until a sudden rain ended it early. Owen giggled nonstop while it poured as we ran to a covered area.

The weather moved out quickly, and we were ready to get wet all over again. We headed to our neighborhood pool for our annual pool opening party.

I love when summer comes around to expose those sweet baby arms. Stick a little boy in swim trunks with that soft baby skin and the smell of sunscreen.. just perfect.

75% of the time he spent chewing the green side. Whatever.

With the exception of this morning's t-ball game and a trip to Target, Sunday was a little slower paced, which was necessary following my full Saturday on 5 hours of sleep. I'm getting too old for that business. Looking forward to the upcoming week - my momma is coming for a visit!

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