Sunday, June 22, 2014

my weekend in photos.

 Friday family fun night! We don't make it to the pool a lot as a family, so it was nice to have tag-team parenting for our evening pool visit.

Some time had passed since I last did this, so my Friday night solo visit to Target came highly anticipated. And if spending a Friday night wandering the aisles of Target by myself being my idea of a perfect evening doesn't make me feel old, then the fact that I was seriously bothered by the herds of teenagers who also were spending a part of their Friday night at Target. I found them to be too loud, and rather obnoxious - a sentiment shared by old cranky people like me. Kids these days. ;-)

A t-ball filled weekend! We had a game on Saturday and Sunday - both super hot days spent at the ball fields. 

We made a day of supporting our cousins - a swim meet in the morning before Owen's game, then two more softball games later in the day. Cousins rock.

I managed to sneak in a shower after a sweaty, stinky afternoon to go out to dinner with this guy. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary a tad early, taking advantage of a rare Saturday evening off work for Colby. Love this man.

I headed to Sunday morning brunch bunch while Colby took the boys to the pool.

Game # 2 of the weekend.

We finished off our busy weekend with yet another trip to the pool.

Whew! I'm exhausted just reliving it all again. There wasn't much time spent at home, so it looks like our usual weekend cleaning will have to find its way into our week since we have another busy few days in store next weekend! Hope you kept cool during our hot, summery weekend!

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