Monday, June 9, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We gained a houseguest at the beginning of this past week: GRANDMA! Quite a bit of time has passed since she has been able to make a visit our direction, so it was extra special to have her in town. 

I started my weekend a few hours early with our first trip to Deanna Rose (a children's farmstead) with my mom and the boys. Owen refers to it as Indiana Rose, and I've given up correcting him for the weekend.

And while we were out and about, we treated (?) my mom to her first visit to Sonic, followed by my nephew's baseball game before heading home for an evening on our porch. After many days of delay, we finally cut into a tres leches cake (that I had previously said I didn't want and fought with my husband over purchasing) from my birthday. It took my a few days, but I finally caved to enjoy it.

A rainy Saturday morning resulted in a cancelled t-ball game for Owen, but an early Okie Joe's bbq lunch, and sneaking out with my mom to get our toes did - my first (and long overdue) pedicure of the year. 

The weather cleared up, and we spent some time outdoors both at the park shooting hoops and at home enjoying the porch while Colby headed into work.

Oh, and we made some lemonade. Er, excuse me, "best lemonade ever." 

Sunday was a perfectly overcast, 70-something day made for a lovely day to spend meandering about the zoo. 

 Oh, and this guy is finally sporting some top teeth! Since his independence is suddenly taking priority at mealtime, I'm anxious to have a few more teeth on the way - you can only gum so many kinds of food. He no longer wants to be fed baby food, but would prefer to feed himself in the form of finger foods.

Grandma flew out last night, but it sure was nice to have her here with us this week. Already looking forward to our next visit!

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