Tuesday, June 24, 2014

owen, lately. [4 year old edition]

I'm about a month late, but wanted to reflect on a newly four year old.
(You can see our 3-year-old Owen here.)

Up until this last week or two, his current obsession had been basketball. I think this came, in part, because we were able to play this indoors before the weather became nice. And it's one of those sports that is a little easier and more enjoyable to play by yourself. We have a Fisher Price goal - all the way up that's way too small for him that he plays hard on daily.

With the recent soccer hype for the World  Cup, he has since taken up soccer as his outdoor play choice. He even fell to the ground and stood up saying "yellow card" to his dad.

This is all very ironic since we began t-ball at the beginning of summer. Which, by the way, has been a really terrific experience. He loves to play. He loves game days. And he sports his new birthday cleats, letting everyone know they are the same as Eric Hosmer's (KC Royals reference for any non-baseball, non-KC folk).

He loves to write. Made-up words intertwined with the handful he knows from memory. And he has pretty darn good penmanship for a 4-year-old. His most often go-to words from memory are the names of his family and this past year's classmates.

He picks a book to read each night, and we often end up in cycles of reading the same book for a couple of weeks until we force him to make a new selection. And the cycle continues.. For such an antsy little guy, he is super attentive during story time.

He's skinny. I've found myself for the second summer in a row switching him back to whole milk for some time to try to put a little extra meat on his bones. Just today, he wore size 18-24 mo. swim trunks to the pool that hung from his waist, bottom crack out for all to see.

Yet, this past year he has blossomed into a "decent" eater. This is a huge milestone in our household, 3+ years after being introduced to food. While he is still picky, he's not as picky. And we're able to ask him to eat a few bites of things he may not otherwise enjoy without expecting it to be heaved back up at the dinner table. And with significantly less resistance. Huge.

Speed and strength are of utmost importance, and high values of either are the best compliments one can give to Owen.

We can still get the occasional nap out of him - but only after a really active morning.

Television and movies seldom hold his attention for long before whining follows.

Most used whiney phrase: "I'm huuungrryyy," which actually means "I'm bored," and neither phrase - especially in a whiney voice - get much sympathy.

He's not a fan of bugs. Frightened by all kinds. We're working hard to teach him that flies are just pesky, ants are not scary, and bugs are just a part of life.

He loves to ride his scooter, and this just in: his bike! Hills and bumps are a thing yet to master, but riding circles around our garage is now a piece of cake.

With another summer off to a chilly start, we've only just recently started getting in decent pool time. But once again, going to the pool seems to be one of his most requested activities.

He's curious and thoughtful. He has a serious side. And he's really funny. He's athletic, determined, and sometimes easily frustrated. He loves his family well. He's growing up. We're just so proud of this boy.

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