Wednesday, July 9, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Oh, the weekend is over, you say? Whoops.

Our low-key holiday weekend turned out to have a little more excitement than we had anticipated.
We filled our weekend with a parade, some pool time, cookout with family, the dog park, the farmers market, church, and more pool time. Here are some photos from our 3-day weekend... three days late. 

My attempts to get a patriotic photo of the boys together went like this. 

And this.

But Owen went with his cousin and the daddies to his first ever fireworks show. He talked about it a lot in the days leading up to the fourth. It first started as questions on whether he'd be scared, then later evolved into statements that he was not afraid of fireworks. Turns out he wasn't scared at all, and LOVED them. I stayed back with a sleeping baby and a couple of dogs suspicious of the booms occurring outside. 

This munchkin makes me smile so much.

It's crazy that a trip to the 'big' dog park is now a rare occurrence in our household, seeing that our lives use to revolve around it. Kids.

Our first trip to the market of the summer!

Surprise, surprise, we found ourselves at a family favorite for lunch: Spin Pizza.

And we all enjoyed some lunchtime entertainment from this ham.

Pooltime with my boys.

And a sunset to close out our holiday weekend.

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