Tuesday, July 15, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We had a fun weekend! 

Here's the latest from Brooks. (Who, up until this point, had shown no interest in becoming mobile by foot. He's been a quite efficient crawler.) Go, Brooks, go!

Saturday began with a t-ball game and then out to lunch with my family [which was cut short due to some poor table manners displayed by my youngest.  He's in a "screeching" stage. So that's fun for everyone.]

After lunch, I found myself in a quiet house cozied up in bed for some photo editing and an afternoon snooze while the boys went to the pool. It was quite delightful.

While Colby headed to work for a late night, the boys and I ran some errands, and have had one of several summer evenings outnumbered 1:4. (and yes, I'm counting the dogs.)  Yet, I surprised myself by still managing to whip out a homemade dinner (i.e. not a turkey sandwich with cottage cheese and carrots) for all of us, and also making extra for my friend who just had her twin boys!

We had our monthly brunch bunch with a special out of town guest joining us on Sunday morning. Since she lives in England, we felt inclined to steer clear of anything European and found ourselves back at an all-American favorite of ours: Rye. (which reminds me, I've yet to blog about June's brunch visit to Julian!) 

After brunch I rushed home to get over to cheer on the Cheetah's t-ball team at their last game of the season. This little star of mine slid hands/head first on his way into home plate after his last at bat. When we asked what had made him decide to do that (I don't think anyone from his team slid all season, though there was an occasional boy on an opposing team who would.), he responded with "because I'm not shy anymore!" What a perfect season finale for my determined little athlete. He stood up grinning ear to ear, and couldn't wait to show me his dirty knees.

We also celebrated a 7th birthday of this sweet girl. And by celebrate, I mean we sang to her and let her have a few table scraps throughout the day. Macy has given us 7 amazing years - we love this dog so much.

Also enjoyed some time at the pool this weekend. This guy was quite content floating about in this little device. It was a good rediscovery. 

Meanwhile, Owen showed off a couple of his new skills - one being diving to the bottom of the shallow end to fetch a diving stick, and the other being able to swim the width of the pool. The latter is in the video below!

It's hard to believe we're over halfway through our summer!

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