Thursday, September 11, 2014

brooks at one.

A [very delayed] post on our little Brooks at ONE.

Thankfully I had written all of this the week of his birthday (was delayed only by uploading some photos from my real camera), so I didn't have to try to push my mush-for-brains to think back to July.

My sweet smiley baby turned one.

He can go both up and down steps. He has mastered turning around when he reaches the step edge, and backing himself down the stairs, which is actually a huge relief for as often as he'd go crawling at full speed towards step ledges head first.

He's a great eater. And I say this out of the context that has been raising my first little boy. Purees are a thing of the past, and he's perfectly okay with that. He loves his meats - turkey, chicken, beef, as well as his carbs (don't we all?) - mac n cheese, waffles, goldfish, etc. He likes corn, and I can sneak in most other cooked veggies into whatever he's eating without a terrible fuss. He's not crazy about fruits, with the exception of banana, in their raw form. (But he loves banana.) He does, however, love sipping on mommy's smoothies which has a variety of berries in the liquid form. He loves yogurt and cottage cheese, and has adjusted with no problems to our switch to whole milk. (Helelujiah - buh-bye formula purchases! Although, I usually give one formula serving per day just to make me feel better about his shortage in fruits and veggies.) Eggs are another favorite of his - breakfast is just a win no matter what is served, really.

He's not walking yet, and not sure that we're really that close. But he can crawl at the speed of lightning. He cruises along, and will push a walking toy, but sits at the first suspicions of mommy or daddy wanting him to walk while holding our hands. Stinker.

He loves to dance - interchanging a sitting bounce, head shaking, and swinging hands. It's usually entertaining to push him through stores when he hears a good beat come on, and he has no regard to the rest of the word - only the jam session he's having in the shopping cart.

He claps, waves bye-bye, gives open mouth kisses, and can show you his tongue when you ask.

He says ma ma, da da, and ba (ball) frequently and appropriately. He loves the airplanes above his crib, and it has become the first thing he wants to "talk" about when you fetch him from sleep. Usually pointing excitedly, and saying "boooo" over and over. (No idea, but it's consistent..)

My one year old does NOT sleep through the night, though. He was only 15th percentile in weight, as suspected, so I've always justified an easy middle of the night feed with the fact that he could use the extra calories. But with the switch to sippy cups, I foresee his milk intake decreasing, and an increase in solid food intake, with hopes of a full night's sleep in my future?

I can't tell you how much we adore this sweet little guy. Here's to another sweet year ahead of more firsts!

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