Wednesday, September 3, 2014

my [labor day] weekend in photos.

I finally pulled a few pictures from my camera to mix in with my iPhone collaboration. So I'm ready only a couple of days late (!) to share our long Hoosier weekend.

Owen, Brooks, and I started our weekend with a Thursday morning flight to Indianapolis. Owen had been counting down the days (or, number of "sleeps") until our visit to Grandma and Grandpa's.

The last time we went, Brooks was much more nervous about the masses of sheep in close proximity, but showed some bravery this time around. 

We had "King Pizza" (as Owen called it) for lunch on Friday, and he asked for it for multiple meals during the remainder of our weekend. Atta boy. 

As usual, I took advantage of some time in the Hoosier state to spend a little time with friends and family. I failed to document breakfast with one of my besties, Erin, but we enjoyed a morning out - just the two of us - at a quaint little nook in Noblesville.

We also had a family cookout that gave me a chance to visit with my cousins and their littles for awhile.

A brunch date with Rachel and Ted, a tour of their new darling home, and the introduction of their sweet fur baby was a lovely way to spend my Sunday morning. 

Owen declared my parents yard the "perfect field for soccer." Baseball, basketball, and soccer - his 3 loves - all a big portion of Owen's holiday weekend. Brooks loved the endless supply of "ba's" found around Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Another little love who has grown so much since I'd last visited was sure a treat to visit with! She sported the dress she and my girlfriends and I had gotten during our last visit. So dreamy.

Momma had chicken n' noodles - probably my all time favorite dinner growing up. I quickly learned after moving to KC that this dish is regional. Her noodles are the best.

Owen reacquainted himself with Gertrude, his favorite little lamb from our last visit. They love the attention, and he loved that they'd follow him around. 

Brooks showing off a couple of his tricks - finding his belly and showing his tongue. 

And just hanging out on a log watching Grandma, Uncle Derek, and Owen "punk trees."

Uncle Derek was home a lot during this visit and got the chance to spend a lot of time with the boys. Yes!

Grandpa insisted on making a chocolate cake especially for Owen. He wasn't mad about it.

So. much. baseball. I prefer to be a "fan" in my first trimester condition, but Uncle Derek and Grandma made good teammates and playmates for O during our visit.

Climbing the fence just like big brother.

I love driving when I'm in Indiana.

We spent our final evening outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather, visiting with the sheep, and taking a nature walk through our back yard and field. It's such a sweet change of pace visiting Grandma & Grandpa.

After a weekend away from Daddy, we were all ready to see him. (I must add that this photo was completely unstaged.)

Photo by Owen. It was a beautiful day for flying.

Unfortunately, with it being closing day for most pools, we lost Colby to one final day of work for Labor Day. After a lazy afternoon of movies, I pulled us out of the house for a trip to the park to close out our Labor Day Weekend.

Indiana is always so good to us. We're happy to be home, and happy to have only a short week to get through to our first weekend with Daddy home all weekend since May! 

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