Monday, September 15, 2014

my weekend in photos.

The start to any good Friday morning.. is a bowl of chili. 
But the end to any bad Friday night.. is seeing that bowl of chili in toilet. 

What in the...?
Because seldom did we bother with shoes in his first year of life. Gotta start sometime. ;-)

Probably the highlight of my weekend was seeing this little cutie at his first game of the season! And, he even scored a goal - a feat he was very proud to share about. 

Saturday was spent getting some pieces in order. First up was getting rid of a few big ticket pieces around the house in our neighborhood garage sale. Our chair and ottoman sold, and therefore it was a success.

Meanwhile, musical carseats! Owen is moving up, and we're finally getting this little guy out of his infant carrier. So while they were all inside for belt adjustments, he enjoyed moving from seat to seat for a test ride. 

A weekend visitor in the form of Jefferson. Just warming us up for the week to come!

It was also the weekend of second birthdays! This little peanut being one of them - I got in a quick selfie with the birthday girl!

The weather was fall-like, and perfect for some outdoor play time. We even made it to church for the first time in too long. Owen hosted several games of War (card game) with his daddy and I, and some tough lessons are being learned in losing. We also had friends over on Sunday night for dinner, and as usual - failed to capture any photos of our grown up affairs. 

It was a busy, efficient weekend. A work week stands in the way of me and another!

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