Sunday, September 28, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Sunday night so soon? Here we go! First, a noteworthy mention: Friday night was a Kansas City celebration as the Royals won a game to seal their wildcard spot in the playoffs - their first time since '85!

We learned that magnet blocks are really fun to play with on a metal table top.

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch that was actually just a trip to play. Brooks entered the tunnels with caution, then by the end, didn't want to be pulled out.

We did get to see these 2-day-old little cuties. I wanted to bring one home. So cute!

The boys' first matching jammies, and my attempt at taking a photo of them together wearing said jammies. Boys.
We worked hard around the house this weekend - doing some final piecing together of our sitting? office? room. It needs a name. Regardless, it's a room that was used only to catch paper clutter, host art projects by Owen, and an overall waste of a good space. Pictures to come!

But for now, we set a world record for the amount of time Brooks kept a hat on - about 4 minutes. So you get a picture of that!

I have found myself really wearing out quickly this past week - which is ironic since I've just entered my second trimester which is normally when some energy returns? Regardless, I've chosen to forego some extra activities to spend at home "resting" with family. (But really, rest doesn't come until those little boys go to bed.) It's been really nice having us all home - a concept I still haven't gotten use to after Colby's busy summer at the pool. 

Soccer was exciting with another goal scored by our little guy! 

It was quite warm for a nearly-October weekend, but it sure beats being cold! 

And we said goodbye to our September house guest. He was such a good boy, but it's nice to have our home back to its original occupants. :)

Big brothers make really good encouragers/cheering sections/coaches.

That was sporadic and unorganized. You're welcome. Have a great week!

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