Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from this dynamic duo!

...Except it wasn't so happy for our Brooks. We rushed from dinner out, which usually ends with a not-so-happy baby who can only tolerate being contained in one place for so long, then the moment's tease that is our walk to the car that only ends with yet another device to be strapped into. A diaper change, another one of his UNfavorites, and then dressing into costume happened to be the nail in the coffin for this poor little guy who was not going to cooperate/stay in one place long enough for a photo. So off we went outdoors for some trick-or-treating... where we strapped him into a stroller.

Luckily, once we got moving, he had forgotten his woes, and our neighborhood's decorated houses and lights and other children in costumes kept him entertained for a chilly walk down the street.

And Owen loved it. :)

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