Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kirkwood and the corn cob.

My request to have corn on the cob for dinner a couple of weeks had a not-so-happy ending. The next evening we found some corn kernels scattered around our living room floor, and the laundry room door wide open.. also known to our dogs as the place we keep the garbage.

That Saturday morning we awoke to a heaving Kirkwood who shortly after refused to eat his breakfast. (And anyone who knows this dog knows that meant something was really wrong.) He spent the day acting a little pathetic, then passed on dinner, as well.

The next morning when he was even more pathetic and still not eating, I remembered our living room floor discovery. So we asked Dr. Google who told us deathly stories of dogs and corn cobs. I sent Colby and Kirkwood to the emergency vet (because, go figure, this happens on a Sunday when our veterinarian's office is closed), and he told them our findings. They ran an X-ray which didn't show the cob, but after pushing around, the veterinarian confirmed she could feel it. She, too, was very concerned and wanted to cut him open immediately.

Instead, they injected him with some fluids in hopes it would help flush, and we brought him home and gave us some other signs to look for if things were to get worse. And those things came. Panting and foaming at the mouth. His refusal to stand or come to us when called, and his overall misery that was so sadly evident.

That afternoon, Colby returned to the emergency vet with Kirkwood, and we agreed to a surgery for our poor, sweet, and naughty dog to remove it. Once they got in, they found that it was in his colon - a place too dangerous to cut. Instead, they performed a gastropexy to prevent his stomach from flipping and closed him back up. They kept him overnight and administered pain medications and IV fluids.

After another couple of days of being monitored in our primary veterinarian's office, he was finally home with us, cob still not passed, but finally eating.

He's not back to his usual self yet, but we are fairly certain the cob is no longer in his system. He's still experiencing a decent amount of discomfort from post-op recovery. He wants to be near, but doesn't want to be touched. And all I want to do is curl up to him and cuddle him. I'm kind of surprised by how ready I am to catch him trying to pull food from our kitchen counters or yell at him for barking at the neighbor dogs. But that's because that's when I'll know we've got our Kirkwood back. Love having this guy in our family.

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