Monday, October 27, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We didn't have the same kind of luck this weekend as we have in games past. But regardless, this little Royals fan cheered his heart out.. until bedtime. (It's rough to be 4 and to have to go to bed before 10:30.)

Saturday I decided to do some raking in our front yard. (I don't know what got into me.) Owen not only wanted to help me, but also wanted to be helpful to our neighbors and rake their yard. "That's called being helpful, Mommy." I just couldn't turn that down. And then I couldn't turn down the couch and a glass of ice water while Colby and Owen went to the park to play basketball.

After Brooks awoke from his nap, Brooks got to discover the wonder and joy that comes in the form of a leaf pile. He and the boys jumped and played and tackled and were loving a beautiful fall (? well, an 80-degree version) afternoon. 

These next two pictures are my new faves. Man, I love that daddy of theirs.

Old Navy is just more fun with a balloon. We went out for lunch as a family and then stopped in to pick up a last minute birthday gift for their big cousin. 

A birthday celebration for the 7-year-old!

After a big morning project, I had a little mommy-Owen outing to the pumpkin patch - likely our final visit of the year. This time, just to play. And yes, Owen wore the same shirt all weekend. We'll be changing for our next game, don't worry all you superstitious fans.

Brooks' train is cooler than yours.

We kept pretty busy around here for having very little planned, but I definitely enjoyed my boys this weekend. 

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