Sunday, November 30, 2014

my angel.

The third bathroom interruption to my night's sleep fell around 4:30AM.

It was then followed by a bowl of Frosted Flakes - not something that usually accompanies my bathroom breaks. I sat on the love seat of my parent's living room in front of their lit Christmas tree, and I couldn't seem to leave. Moments later, my daddy joined me.

He told me a story of only a couple of weeks before he and my mom's wedding.
"Are you going to want a ring?" (There was no engagement ring.)
He laughed in recalling the memory. They agreed that they should probably order wedding bands, and my mom has worn a single plain gold band on her wedding finger since. On the Christmas following their 9th wedding anniversary, he gave her a diamond ring that I now have around my finger.

A lit tree in its otherwise dark, unlit surroundings is so mesmerizing.

As I'm sitting here in the early, quiet hours of the morning I'm hypnotized by the lights. Reflecting.

Just yesterday we were jamming to Christmas tunes and putting this tree up and decorating. It was chaos. Owen was insistent he string the garland, while Brooks grabbed bulb after bulb and chucked them across the room. "Ball," he'd say. Meanwhile, Owen is screaming for attention as he pulls out each ornament, "Who made this one? Look at this one! This one is broken. I can't reach high enough," while Colby scolded me as I climbed on a swivel chair to be sure the star tree-topper was secured. This was intermixed with a lot of orders being barked at both boys - "Be careful. No no. Wait for mommy or daddy's help for that. No throwing. No touching. Be patient." Little helpers are a lot of work.

I did get to hang my most favorite childhood ornament. I always positioned the angel in front of a light because I loved the way it glistened through the glass. In fact, I don't know that the angel has ever been so beautiful.

My momma is my angel.

I think that ornament may have to come home with me this year.

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Leslee Dummermuth said...

so beautiful.

love you. loved her.