Saturday, November 15, 2014

this pregnancy.

Let's take a minute to talk about this pregnancy. My third one in the last 5 years.

I'm, once again, relieved to report that I'm on the other end of pregnancy nausea, which historically (I can say "historically" when I'm on my third) proves to be the time that I'm ready to talk about it.

But I should also report that this version of pregnancy nausea is a completely different ballgame than I've played in previous pregnancies. (This detail played a large part in my early suspicions that this babe could very well be a girl.) It has been so much more manageable. If God meant this third child to be ours, I'm grateful he has shown a little bit of grace in the "morning" sickness department. Like, really really really really grateful.

I still have the slightest hint of nausea that makes an appearance from time to time, but my food aversions and bathroom trips seem to have mostly disappeared. Let me clarify: nausea-related bathroom trips. Because Lord knows the sleep interruptions to pee drive me absolutely batty, and they didn't spare me this time around, either.

My announcement to co-workers, friends, and even strangers, came early. When your tummy pops out - noticeably - at 9 weeks, it doesn't give you much of a choice. One of my co-workers even told me that she had wondered because she had noticed my belly the week before at 8 weeks. Shoot.

I'm sporting a real bump now. And I'm 24 weeks along.

And I'm entertained by movements in there that are gradually evolving from subtle to.. not. And about 4 weeks ago, I starting experiencing braxton hicks contractions.

And then there's that who shock factor (er, aside from peeing on a stick last 4th of July..): we're having a GIRL.

I had 3 pink crib sheets given to me that I laundered a few weeks ago. When I pulled the massive pile of pink from my dryer, I nearly had a panic attack. Colby and I liked to joke that "We're having a tomboy!" when announcing the gender.

And Owen reacted like this:

But to be honest, something changed inside of me the week we were to find out the gender. For as much as we both insisted it had better be a boy, we started in with the what-if's, and surprisingly both found ourselves wondering how a little girl would fit into our clan.

I'm no girly-girl, and I'm not sure I'll ever really come around to liking pinks and purples and princesses and glitter.. but I know there's a little girl that we all love and include in our family already - and we all can't wait to meet her... even if she does grow to love the color pink. (Hey, I have to cut the girl some slack for being a nicer pregnancy to her momma.)

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