Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Owen's daily thankful, age 4.

I kept with tradition in asking for Owen for something he was thankful for each day in November, though had a couple of nights that we had to play catchup by naming more than one.

We had only a couple of repeats along the way that I'd prompt him for something new.. except when he said Grandma. Some were relevant to the place we were in since we bounced around a lot in November, so I've included our locale.

...in KC...
1 Brooksy. (who now shares a bedroom with him!)
2 My bedroom. (the theme continues this year of looking around him at the time we ask for ideas.)
3 My class. (he just loves school.)
4 Whole world. 
5 Grandma. 
6 My house. 
7 Little Mickey. (year after year.)
...in Indiana...
8 My pillow. 
9 Food so we don't die and stay alive and live.
10 Grandma because she likes to play with me. (ultimate compliment to a person from a 4 year old boy.)
...in KC...
11 Doors so we can go places. (good thinking.)
12 Our family because we are friends that live together. (oh, I love his reasoning.)
13 Brooksy's piggies. (hehe. me too.)
14 All the countries and the states. (this was new a surprising to me, as we don't talk a lot of geography.)
15 The superheroes on my wall. 
16 The pictures on my wall (of he and Brooks).
17 All the people in the world.
...in Orlando...
18 Going to Disney World.
19 Seeing Pluto.
20 Sleeping with my family. (sharing a single room at our hotel is an adventure!)
21 Watching tv. (it was a special treat to be able to watch tv from bed as he fell asleep each night.)
...in KC...
22 Macy & Kirkwood. (which we fetched on our way home from the airport that evening.)
23 Batman and Wonder Woman and Captain America and Wolverine... (and he goes on naming all he could spot on his poster.)
24 Royvan, Jacob, Anya, Lou, Hayden... (and he goes on to list his entire class. I let it count since he didn't just say "my class" again.) 
25 My toys.
...in Indiana...
26 Grandma. (this was the evening she passed after we put Owen to bed. very sweet.)
27 Mommy. 
28 Mrs. Starrett & Mrs. Berry, but we say Mrs. Blueberry. (his teachers at school.)
29 This house we're in. (casa de Kissane.)
30 That I got Lorenzo Cain's autograph. (so random. so cute.)

We had a very busy month with a lot on our plate. We didn't spend as much time on it this year, but even so, I'm happy we spent some extra moments expressing thankfulness as part of our November. Looking forward to incorporating little brother Brooks next year!

Take a peak at Owen's age 2 and age 3 Daily Thankfuls.

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