Monday, April 28, 2014

my weekend in photos.

A fun weekend that did not involve running errands for once, but included a family date night, some walks to the park, a 4-year old birthday party, church, a morning run, and time outdoors. Oh, and my baby learned to climb stairs. Eek!

Babies in jammies is a favorite of all of ours at our house.

Post-nap happy baby.

Owen had his first friend birthday party this past weekend. All of the sudden our usual party at home doesn't seem so fun.. 

Following his Saturday morning swim, I found him in the middle of his bedroom floor like this.

Owen's favorite new nighttime activity. Scooter to the park.

Followed by some basketball. It's really a perfect night in Owen's world.

We had a family date night to Spin Pizza, toasting the boys' swim team who gifted us the gift card to one of our family's favorite spots. I left with a full belly, and full heart. Sure do love my 3 boys!

I played photographer on Saturday night at an event benefiting a local non-profit that serves adults with special needs in the KC area. I was actually an attendee at the same gala by chance a few years back, so it was fun to be on the other end - though it made for a looong Saturday night on my feet. 

These are my boys. They make my heart sing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my [easter] weekend in photos.

The two smaller of the boys I live with and I spent a long Easter weekend in Indiana. We're back in KC, and will post more on our trip at another time, but wanted to share some photos from our weekend so as not to neglect our 'weekend in photos' routine.

After a slight hiccup at the start of our trip (who needs baby formula when traveling with your bottle-fed baby by plane, anyway?), we all arrived in one piece to Indianapolis for a 5 day visit to Grandma and Grandpa's for Easter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

attack of the grays.

Among other hateful things, 2014 has been dubbed the Attack of the Grays. In 2007, the year we were married, my husband found great joy in finding my first gray hair. I had seen an occasional gray strand from time to time in the years following, but it was nothing that couldn't be solved by a quick pluck. Last year I found a few more, and even squealed when my hairdresser found one, insisting she pull it out immediately.

In recent months, however, I had been spotting strand after strand, and was beginning to take notice. I had some old highlights that they were previously camouflaged by, completely unnoticeable to the average Joe. But add a few months time passed and a couple inches of growth to my neglected highlights, I couldn't ignore the light-colored random strands that start from the top of my head, knowing good and well that my days of natural blonde were long gone. I think it's the start of a new shade taking up residency on top of my head. And God bless those Engle women, I've inherited the coarse, wavy, and wiry grays.

It really sank in last night while having my hair colored when my hairdresser - completely unprovoked - said, "I tried to get as much of the gray as I could." Oh? Umm, yep. Thanks.

Aging has never been something I've feared. While slightly shocking for my twenties, I've never really detested the gray strands. I've known and looked up to so many women that I truly believe their age, and thus life experiences and wisdom that come with it, has been an integral part of women I've admired. And really, what isn't beautiful about a silver-haired woman whose eyes sparkle with her smile? Or a woman's whose age is marked by crows feet, worry lines, laugh lines, and age spots, but whose heart is one of selfless love, humility, and grace? I have known women who radiate beauty. A kind of beauty that skin creams, face lifts, and hair dye couldn't touch.

I found some gray hairs this evening while looking in the mirror, inspecting my recent partial low-lights. I found some new wrinkles, too. And I smiled. Because there's a part of me that welcomes them both, like some sort of rite of passage. I'm not in a hurry to grow old. But I'm not afraid to do so, either.

Monday, April 14, 2014

my weekend in photos.

We had a gorgeous weekend. One perfect for spending time out on our porch, but with less allergy reactions than I experienced our last nice weekend. [PTL]

I believe saggy knees have never looked so good.

And that waving never looked so cute. Or haphazard.

Or giant, clumsy steps, too.

My coworkers and I rocked our booth at Rock the Parkway for a fun-filled Friday.

Then settled into my weekend with some bare feet and a beverage while watching the older 2 boys play frisbee in our [green!] yard.

Was pleased that even our Saturday morning warranted breakfast on the porch.

  We had a church Easter egg hunt that was a fun outing for our littles.

our Macygirl.

Back porch chillin' with Brooksy.

And some back porch ballin'.

 And outdoor play with Owen.

Our Sunday wasn't quite as fun with some water heater flushing malfunctions, news of a local hate crime shooting, and storms that kept us indoors. I did manage to sneak away for a photo session in between rains, and a hot shower at the in-laws after the boys were in bed, thus delaying my weekend post. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We've got a short week ahead!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Colby's back is out of commission, so we spent some time at the clinic Friday evening playing with cousins. Little Ivy cannot help herself - she was constantly touching and hugging her baby cousin. 

Nothing like a Saturday afternoon snooze. 

Followed by some Saturday afternoon mischief. 

It wasn't long after this photo was taken that child #1 spewed x's 4. Cleanup in aisle 32...

My sweet sick little man and I spent a long while reading and cuddling in bed. 

Day-after illness deserves a mealtime favorite. Homemade mac was on the menu for dinner this evening! 

And life was back to normal again.

Someone loves his big brother a lot.

brunch bunch: blue bird bistro

In March, my two sisters-in-law and I began a new monthly tradition of meeting for brunch. We've decided to make our way around Kansas City for some drinks, brunch eats, and girl time. Our kickoff weekend was held at Blue Bird Bistro last Saturday morning.

The charming exterior had a yellow door I was crazy about, and the interior was darling, as well. It was  divided into a couple of different rooms that made it relatively quiet and low-key. Service was friendly and prompt [well, at the start], and we started in with mimosas and bloody mary's. The menu was interesting, boasting organic and all-natural ingredients. I had sweet potato & granola whole wheat pancakes - a tasty treat - though I was coveting Les's breakfast pizza to my left.

Lasting impressions: The service was very friendly, but really, really, REALLY slow - a full hour before we received our meals. [I'm going to just take a stab that they were out of an ingredient or something of the sort - I'd imagine it's not usually that slow.] It works out that we weren't in a hurry, were without babies who could have lost their patience, and were in good company.  Food prices were decent considering quality of their ingredients. My drink was pricey for such a small glass, but it was delicious, nonetheless, and a staple for a Saturday morning ladies brunch. Overall, it was definitely tasty enough to return, but maybe for a different dish to satisfy my savory side.. or for lunch!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

my weekend in photos.

what a beautiful (and jam-packed!) SPRING weekend we had. we spent most of the weekend outdoors - much of it finally enjoying our new porch, which is now fully furnished! 

we started first with a family date night out to dinner for some BRGR - one of our faves, followed by some bedtime stories and snuggles.

the dog door is loved by all.

my sisters-in-law and i have begun a new monthly brunch tradition. i'll blog on that soon. it was a lovely saturday morning treat with just us gals. already looking forward to next month!

matching brothers at our weekly costco outing.

we also celebrated a birthday with some cake and ice cream treats.

my husband can grill a mean steak. we had colby's brother, wife, and nieces over for dinner, drinks, and some back porch sittin'.

then turned around sunday morning and had colby's sister and family over for some breakfast yumminess - eggs and chocolate chip rolls (as requested by my niece for her birthday!) made by owen and i a few weekends back. 

we don't host often enough, but i really love an occasion (or non-occassion!) that we can cook for and spend time with family and friends.

and in case you didn't already know, this kid loves his tongue.