Saturday, August 30, 2014

our big announcement.

Our big announcement, and also the reason why my blog has once again gone awol.

It wasn't that long ago that I had the same sort of announcement as my excuse to falling off the face of the earth. So here we are again, but this time with a twist! (It's a GIRL.) Life is about to get crazIER beginning next March!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

my weekend in photos.

I got my behind handed to me Friday night while I was feeling under the weather by my two boys and our two dogs while Daddy was at work and out with a friend. But, we took it easy with some Noodles & Co to go for an easy dinner night following our first full week back to school and daycare. 

Saturday morning, I spent four hours around the city photographing a couple of seniors in some very hot weather. Luckily, I came home to a smoothie made by my husband, and a quiet house while Brooks napped and he and Owen headed to the pool to take some time out of the heat and get in a little relaxation. 

It was fun to have daddy home for the day - a first for a Saturday in a very long time. He made us some burgers and savory sweet potatoes - a favorite side dish of mine lately. 

I spent a good part of my Sunday morning emptying a tub of baby clothes, sorting into piles to hand down, sell, and donate. Much of the clothing is still around from Owen's baby days, so it's sentimental to part ways with my boys babyhood. 

We spent a long afternoon at the pool - probably our last trip as a family before the pools close next weekend. It's been HOT, so the pool was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Then, daddy headed off for work, and the younger two boys and I headed for a dinner date out and to run some errands.

Ready for a short week and a long weekend! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

my [last four] weekend[s] in photos.

This weekend has given me a quiet afternoon, and therefore, I'm trying to catch up before I get lost in my world again.

The first weekend up to bat brought us a one year old.

Saving 95% of the party preparation, cooking, and baking for the night before which led to a midnight plumbing debacle somehow didn't prevent the day from coming.

The plumber left our house about an hour before our party guests began to arrive with a kitchen full of dirty dishes (including the glass drinking bottles for the party), a cake yet to ice, and paper products and balloons yet to be fetched from the party store.

With the help of my MIL & FIL's early arrival, we miraculously got everything put back together in the nick of time.

And my baby turned one. And he liked it. Contrary to his big brother, he had no problem digging into his first birthday cake. I'm certain he'd have finished the whole thing if I left it in front of him.

We also attended a pizza party at the park with the Cheetah's t-ball team for a final goodbye to Owen's super sweet teammates. No photos to document the event, but it was a great group of kids that we spent the season with, so it was nice to have some play time together.

Then the weekend following the party, we took our house apart. A project that I've wanted done since we've moved in: rid our walls of browns and beiges. We have a lot of wall space. And some crazy tall ceilings, so we had planned to hire professionals to conquer this task, but can never seem to justify spending that money. So we decided now was the time, and we'd do it on our own.

And really, by "we" I mean Colby.

We lived in a house of disarray for about a week, which is plenty long enough with a one year old on the loose. Then, we had it put back together enough to function, with a lot of trim left to do.

We spent many o' eves camping out in one of the boys' bedrooms to stay out of the way of the wet paint. As Brooks gets older, the boys have been able to play together more, which is so fun to see.

Owen and I snuck out for a play date at Deanna Rose with his pre-school buddy, Lou. (Formerly "Wou") We're looking forward to one more year with the two of them together in Pre-K before they part ways for Kindergarten next fall!

Several days later, we're mostly put back together. Trim work is tedious, don't ya know. Well, I wouldn't know, because, again, this has been Colby's project. Bless that man. Pictures will follow once we have everything back in place.

Amongst the mayhem, lots of painting occurred. And I don't even know what weekend this is.

And new "toys" were discovered.

Was this a weekend? Who really knows, but it's a photo of some delicious ice cream from KC's local dairy farm that I was happy to indulge in as a bedtime snack. 

Now to last weekend, which I can remember a little better than a few foggy ones in between. We had a family date night out to dinner. The boys were both squirrely. Guess we don't get out much these days. We'll have to work on that.

 But on a brighter note. THIS ONE. Starting sleeping through the night. Like, alltheway through. We're batting about 85%, though. A solid improvement from 0%. I can't figure it out. We went from never ever ever sleeping through the night (last time he did was around 6 months of age) to suddenly sleeping through about 5 night a week. The only thing that has changed about his diet and bedtime routine is the introduction of whole milk to replace formula, so we are a little bit stumped. Happily stumped.

Owen got to reunite with some more of his old buddies from pre-school last year at one of their birthday parties. He's grown this summer, but so have they - they all still had a whole head on him. It was nice to get to hang with them before they all head back to Kindergarten!

One year olds.

I also enjoyed a Sunday morning breakfast with only one of my sisters-in-law, as the other was on a hardcore cleanse and brunch wasn't going to work well into her diet. That was the best part of my day. Sickness settled in shortly after, and the day worsened from there.

I'm a week out and still battling my summer cold, but definitely am on the upswing.

Whew! What are the chances you'll hear from me again tomorrow for this weekend's recap?