Sunday, September 28, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Sunday night so soon? Here we go! First, a noteworthy mention: Friday night was a Kansas City celebration as the Royals won a game to seal their wildcard spot in the playoffs - their first time since '85!

We learned that magnet blocks are really fun to play with on a metal table top.

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch that was actually just a trip to play. Brooks entered the tunnels with caution, then by the end, didn't want to be pulled out.

We did get to see these 2-day-old little cuties. I wanted to bring one home. So cute!

The boys' first matching jammies, and my attempt at taking a photo of them together wearing said jammies. Boys.
We worked hard around the house this weekend - doing some final piecing together of our sitting? office? room. It needs a name. Regardless, it's a room that was used only to catch paper clutter, host art projects by Owen, and an overall waste of a good space. Pictures to come!

But for now, we set a world record for the amount of time Brooks kept a hat on - about 4 minutes. So you get a picture of that!

I have found myself really wearing out quickly this past week - which is ironic since I've just entered my second trimester which is normally when some energy returns? Regardless, I've chosen to forego some extra activities to spend at home "resting" with family. (But really, rest doesn't come until those little boys go to bed.) It's been really nice having us all home - a concept I still haven't gotten use to after Colby's busy summer at the pool. 

Soccer was exciting with another goal scored by our little guy! 

It was quite warm for a nearly-October weekend, but it sure beats being cold! 

And we said goodbye to our September house guest. He was such a good boy, but it's nice to have our home back to its original occupants. :)

Big brothers make really good encouragers/cheering sections/coaches.

That was sporadic and unorganized. You're welcome. Have a great week!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

my weekend in photos.

I'm starting my weekend post with our Thursday night since it wasn't a typical weeknight routine. We ditched the baby, and went to our first Sporting KC soccer game. They were MLS champs last year, and a lot of hype around this team in the city. 

Their stadium is pretty sweet, and we had awesome seats to watch them win!

It was crazy-town at our house all weekend long! This wasn't the first time we had these four under one roof for a weekend. We're a puppy down now with another week ahead of "just three." 

A Friday night dinner at Nana & Papa's with some of our cousin playmates. 

Saturday morning soccer. 

We turned down IU/Mizzou football tickets to go to a big KC Royals game on Saturday. But even some Dippin' Dots in a rally hat wasn't enough to pull off a win. 

 A disappointing loss turned out to be the wrong decision since the Hoosiers somehow pulled off a win at #18 Tigers. (But at least we were at the game with our Mizzou alum friends, and went home with some bragging rights.)

Our new desk! I still owe some makeover pictures with our house updates. But we're pretty pumped about our desk - it's custom built, our design, and by far the nicest piece of furniture we own. 

 My favorite KC weekend sure was busy, but we obviously had to make time to get to the Plaza Art Fair.  It was a beautiful afternoon perusing and eating. 

We also had another important "first" this weekend. A trip to KC's new Ikea! We came out with a the chair for our new desk, a lamp, and some decorative pieces. Minus the need to say Owen's name 32948290 times to have him keep up/stay with us, it was a successful trip, I'd say.

The final hours of my Sunday were spent at Super Target, then a marathon dinner and bedtime for the crew. Somehow, tomorrow is Monday, and I haven't even unzipped Owen's school bag with his lunchbox from Friday. 

A busy, KC-themed weekend has worn this momma out. So ready for bed tonight! 

Hope you had a great weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2014

my weekend in photos.

The start to any good Friday morning.. is a bowl of chili. 
But the end to any bad Friday night.. is seeing that bowl of chili in toilet. 

What in the...?
Because seldom did we bother with shoes in his first year of life. Gotta start sometime. ;-)

Probably the highlight of my weekend was seeing this little cutie at his first game of the season! And, he even scored a goal - a feat he was very proud to share about. 

Saturday was spent getting some pieces in order. First up was getting rid of a few big ticket pieces around the house in our neighborhood garage sale. Our chair and ottoman sold, and therefore it was a success.

Meanwhile, musical carseats! Owen is moving up, and we're finally getting this little guy out of his infant carrier. So while they were all inside for belt adjustments, he enjoyed moving from seat to seat for a test ride. 

A weekend visitor in the form of Jefferson. Just warming us up for the week to come!

It was also the weekend of second birthdays! This little peanut being one of them - I got in a quick selfie with the birthday girl!

The weather was fall-like, and perfect for some outdoor play time. We even made it to church for the first time in too long. Owen hosted several games of War (card game) with his daddy and I, and some tough lessons are being learned in losing. We also had friends over on Sunday night for dinner, and as usual - failed to capture any photos of our grown up affairs. 

It was a busy, efficient weekend. A work week stands in the way of me and another!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

brooks at one.

A [very delayed] post on our little Brooks at ONE.

Thankfully I had written all of this the week of his birthday (was delayed only by uploading some photos from my real camera), so I didn't have to try to push my mush-for-brains to think back to July.

My sweet smiley baby turned one.

He can go both up and down steps. He has mastered turning around when he reaches the step edge, and backing himself down the stairs, which is actually a huge relief for as often as he'd go crawling at full speed towards step ledges head first.

He's a great eater. And I say this out of the context that has been raising my first little boy. Purees are a thing of the past, and he's perfectly okay with that. He loves his meats - turkey, chicken, beef, as well as his carbs (don't we all?) - mac n cheese, waffles, goldfish, etc. He likes corn, and I can sneak in most other cooked veggies into whatever he's eating without a terrible fuss. He's not crazy about fruits, with the exception of banana, in their raw form. (But he loves banana.) He does, however, love sipping on mommy's smoothies which has a variety of berries in the liquid form. He loves yogurt and cottage cheese, and has adjusted with no problems to our switch to whole milk. (Helelujiah - buh-bye formula purchases! Although, I usually give one formula serving per day just to make me feel better about his shortage in fruits and veggies.) Eggs are another favorite of his - breakfast is just a win no matter what is served, really.

He's not walking yet, and not sure that we're really that close. But he can crawl at the speed of lightning. He cruises along, and will push a walking toy, but sits at the first suspicions of mommy or daddy wanting him to walk while holding our hands. Stinker.

He loves to dance - interchanging a sitting bounce, head shaking, and swinging hands. It's usually entertaining to push him through stores when he hears a good beat come on, and he has no regard to the rest of the word - only the jam session he's having in the shopping cart.

He claps, waves bye-bye, gives open mouth kisses, and can show you his tongue when you ask.

He says ma ma, da da, and ba (ball) frequently and appropriately. He loves the airplanes above his crib, and it has become the first thing he wants to "talk" about when you fetch him from sleep. Usually pointing excitedly, and saying "boooo" over and over. (No idea, but it's consistent..)

My one year old does NOT sleep through the night, though. He was only 15th percentile in weight, as suspected, so I've always justified an easy middle of the night feed with the fact that he could use the extra calories. But with the switch to sippy cups, I foresee his milk intake decreasing, and an increase in solid food intake, with hopes of a full night's sleep in my future?

I can't tell you how much we adore this sweet little guy. Here's to another sweet year ahead of more firsts!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

more on the 4th of july.

On the morning of the 4th of July, as I pushed Brooks in his stroller following behind Owen on his scooter on our way to our neighborhood July 4th parade, I received a phone call. It was my father-in-law calling during his drive to New York, with news that our family would be going to Mexico this fall. An adult-only vacation.

In March, I took a leap of faith and signed up for my second half marathon. That very same July day I was just a couple of weeks away from my "official" 12-week half marathon training schedule. Up until then, my girlfriend and I were meeting 2 mornings a week for an early morning run before work in addition to getting in my own weekend run with a core fitness class mixed into my week, as well. That groove is always hard to fall back into, but once I'm there it feels so good.

After a really crappy start to my year, these had given me a lot to look forward to - both therapeutic in their own ways for my soul. A quote I had come across years ago and continue to relate to sums it up well: "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea."

But that wasn't the only buzz from our Independence Day morn. As my husband was headed out for one of the busiest days of the summer at the country club pool, and me wrangling in the boys to head down for our neighborhood July 4th parade only 20 minutes prior to that phone call, I decided to do something to ease my wondering mind. I peed on a stick.

I didn't have to wait the full 2 minutes. That second pink line appeared instantly. 

So what comes next may appear like an open invitation to cast judgement, but here's another straight from the heart post on pregnancy.

A few weeks before that, I made a painfully awkward trip to the drugstore to pick up an emergency contraceptive pill. Plan B advertises a 95% effectiveness when taken within 24 hours, but despite my attempts for bonus percentage points in my favor by taking it within 12 hours I had fallen into that unlikely 5% category.

As you can imagine, the pregnancy test results came as quite a shock. My aspirations to finish my second half marathon this year had just been flushed down the toilet. And images of sitting at the beach with a margarita in hand were now a distant dream.

I spent the first couple of days laughing about it. At the unlikely odds that this had happened. At its untimely occurrence. And the self-declaration that I had made just 12 months prior as I was about to birth baby boy #2 that I would be perfectly content with two children, as pregnancy and I didn't play nicely together.

Then the next few days were spent crying. Out of disappointment for my upcoming "wasted" vacation sans the responsibilities of children. At my training that was now all for nothing. At the realization that we'd be paying for 3 children's childcare expenses. And mostly.. out of complete fear of enduring the painful first half of pregnancy.

In in that first week, we shared our news. With family, with close friends. The announcement wasn't one filled with joy. It was awkward, and it was transparent. We were still processing the information, but sharing with those closest to us seemed to play an integral part of how we processed.

The overflow of support and excitement (well, mostly) for our family was what kept me afloat. It's what kept me from crying.

My momma told me it was the best news she had heard in a long time. (And 2014 hadn't been a year of good news for her.)

My sister-in-law extended empathy and told me she was sorry, but followed up with complete excitement to have another niece or nephew.

My girlfriend laughed at me - with zero hesitation. And then told me that this baby was meant to be a part of our family.

Can I tell you how completely perfect and important each of these responses were? 

My mom had also told me a story of her sister learning of her fifth pregnancy and of her fear of telling their parents, who had a tendency to give strong, disapproving opinions on something that they didn't find to be a responsible decision. And instead of a response that could have easily been along the lines of financial irresonsibility, my grandma simply said, "Where there's room in the heart, there's room in the home." 

And that line stayed with me in the coming weeks.

The capability to love was never an issue. My heart began paving way for this babe from day one, and that made itself apparent in a big way only a day after our news. It was my realist brain that had some catching up to do. I'm a planner. From the little details to life's big events - and it's kind of an obsession. I didn't have this one penciled into my calendar, so it required a bit of recovery to bounce back from my sudden derail. But oh how my heart loved from early on.

Colby, Owen, and I talk about the upcoming addition to our family all the time. Brooks doesn't have a clue that his days of being the "baby" will be short-lived. We're excited. Like, really really excited. 

As for my half marathon.. there will be another day, another season for it. And our Mexico vacation? It will go on. With a plethora of mocktails. ;-) This baby girl is meant for us, and we all love her so much already. Welcome to my second trimester!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

my weekend in photos.

GORGEOUS WEEKEND. That's what we had here. Was kind of obsessed. 

A little pampering for a weekend kickoff.

 We loved having Daddy around since the pools are now closed. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and our family time to hit up a super cute orchard. Owen loved the adventure. He sampled apples from nearly every tree. Brooks constantly had an apple up to his mouth, as well.

Someone has learned another new trick. Bear crawl to standing for a few seconds at a time. As you can see, he's quite proud to show it off.

We did, however, lose Daddy for most of Sunday while he headed out early for the Chiefs opening game of the season. So the boys and I ventured out for some Sunday errands. Our Target adventure was BANANAS with these two yoo-hoos. 

I also spent a lot of time catching up on laundry and cleaning around the house. Every sheet, pillowcase, duvet, towel, and clothing article has been cleaned. YES. And since our house windows were open and this was in the oven filling my house with delicious smells, I wasn't even mad about it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

my [labor day] weekend in photos.

I finally pulled a few pictures from my camera to mix in with my iPhone collaboration. So I'm ready only a couple of days late (!) to share our long Hoosier weekend.

Owen, Brooks, and I started our weekend with a Thursday morning flight to Indianapolis. Owen had been counting down the days (or, number of "sleeps") until our visit to Grandma and Grandpa's.

The last time we went, Brooks was much more nervous about the masses of sheep in close proximity, but showed some bravery this time around. 

We had "King Pizza" (as Owen called it) for lunch on Friday, and he asked for it for multiple meals during the remainder of our weekend. Atta boy. 

As usual, I took advantage of some time in the Hoosier state to spend a little time with friends and family. I failed to document breakfast with one of my besties, Erin, but we enjoyed a morning out - just the two of us - at a quaint little nook in Noblesville.

We also had a family cookout that gave me a chance to visit with my cousins and their littles for awhile.

A brunch date with Rachel and Ted, a tour of their new darling home, and the introduction of their sweet fur baby was a lovely way to spend my Sunday morning. 

Owen declared my parents yard the "perfect field for soccer." Baseball, basketball, and soccer - his 3 loves - all a big portion of Owen's holiday weekend. Brooks loved the endless supply of "ba's" found around Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Another little love who has grown so much since I'd last visited was sure a treat to visit with! She sported the dress she and my girlfriends and I had gotten during our last visit. So dreamy.

Momma had chicken n' noodles - probably my all time favorite dinner growing up. I quickly learned after moving to KC that this dish is regional. Her noodles are the best.

Owen reacquainted himself with Gertrude, his favorite little lamb from our last visit. They love the attention, and he loved that they'd follow him around. 

Brooks showing off a couple of his tricks - finding his belly and showing his tongue. 

And just hanging out on a log watching Grandma, Uncle Derek, and Owen "punk trees."

Uncle Derek was home a lot during this visit and got the chance to spend a lot of time with the boys. Yes!

Grandpa insisted on making a chocolate cake especially for Owen. He wasn't mad about it.

So. much. baseball. I prefer to be a "fan" in my first trimester condition, but Uncle Derek and Grandma made good teammates and playmates for O during our visit.

Climbing the fence just like big brother.

I love driving when I'm in Indiana.

We spent our final evening outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather, visiting with the sheep, and taking a nature walk through our back yard and field. It's such a sweet change of pace visiting Grandma & Grandpa.

After a weekend away from Daddy, we were all ready to see him. (I must add that this photo was completely unstaged.)

Photo by Owen. It was a beautiful day for flying.

Unfortunately, with it being closing day for most pools, we lost Colby to one final day of work for Labor Day. After a lazy afternoon of movies, I pulled us out of the house for a trip to the park to close out our Labor Day Weekend.

Indiana is always so good to us. We're happy to be home, and happy to have only a short week to get through to our first weekend with Daddy home all weekend since May!