Sunday, January 25, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Never mind that I haven't posted a weekend in photos post in a couple of months.. Let's just pick up from here, and pretend that never happened.

When you have a green smoothie for breakfast.. can have raspberry pie & ice cream for dinner. It's definitely a rule somewhere in the pregnancy book.  (And who knew when I sent Colby out for a raspberry pie that we had stumbled on National Pie Day and 30% off this delicious treat?)

Indiana on Indiana on Indiana. Disappointed in a Hoosier loss today, but someone is definitely raising a mini-me. I didn't have high hopes for the Hoosiers this year, but they are actually surprising me with a run that could land them back in the tourney! 

Oh, to be Macy.

"Can you take a picture of me in my new jammies to show Dad?" (who had gone to pick up Macy from her grooming appointment) 

These two brothers, they make my heart swell. It should also be stated that about 10 minutes later (and you should be surprised it even lasted that long), Brookszilla shoved his hand right through the middle of the building and it all came crashing down. Tears ensued. Brooks is learning to say "sorry," and had to do so more than once that morning. 

But really. As Brooks gets older, they are both equally fond of one another's company, and as their [very proud and swooning] momma, it's so amazing to watch their relationship develop.

Reviewing his carpet options thoroughly. 

Some craftiness happened. For a hot minute. 

We have a lot to get done around here before baby girl arrives. We're adding some home projects to be completed in the next few weeks on top of finally deciding it's time to put together a little girl nursery. Trying to use my remaining weekends to be both productive and low-key. A healthy balance of both will get me sanely to the finish line. :) 

We have a busier than normal week ahead - wish me luck!

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