Wednesday, February 11, 2015

37 weeks.

So I'm 3 weeks out from my due date. But those are subjective.

I find myself falling into the same sentiments that I felt about this time my last go round. I've reached my "over it" wall. An hourly interruption to my sleep is way less rewarding to spend it emptying my bladder than it is to soothe a brand new baby. The back aches and constant state of discomfort are lame. Pants and big ol' low hanging bellies don't mix well - spending my 3rd trimester in dresses and flip flops was much easier than squeezing on the pants that no longer fit (but I refuse to buy another piece of maternity apparel) and embarrassing efforts to reach my feet to slide on socks or boots. And I'm just tired. Being in the height of swim season for Colby leaves me on dog and boy duty alone for most of the evening which really wipes me out.

But while my tired and achey body longs to be finished, we have a list of things that we still would like to complete before this baby girl makes her arrival. Like the nursery, for one. Currently, there is a narrow and dangerous path between dresser drawers, paint cans and piles of baby loot to get to the crib (which does have a clean sheet.). Wall decor projects have been started, but not completed for the now empty walls.

No bags have been packed - for myself or for the boys. Colby has his state swim meet next weekend in out of town. Carpet is being installed in our house at the end of the month. Interior construction of a small loft space has been started, but not completed. Along with a small slew of less important tasks that I would like to have complete to ease the load on the other end - like our taxes, school registration, travel arrangements, etc.

But the reality is that if this baby girl decides to make an early arrival against my own plans, it will be  just fine.. because, after all, my toes are ready - freshly pedicured in pink.

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