Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brookszilla - 18 months

We call him Brookszilla.

At 18 months, this little boy is busy. I don't know if I've just forgotten what this age was like for Owen, or if Brooks' personality truly differs that much from Owen at this age, but I'm amazed at the amount of trouble he can find in the blink of an eye.

We had a morning that I was running around the house trying to get the 3 of us out the door for school and work. I was interrupted countless times yanking Brooks from disaster after disaster that he would create in the matter of seconds. I couldn't keep up with the tornado that was ripping through my house. So in order to finish getting the pizza dough ingredients into the bread machine, I loaded him into the car, strapped him in his carseat, then came back inside to finish my business. Not to worry, I left the door open so he was within earshot.

He's turned into quite the momma's boy through and through. And he wants to be "up" (held) all.the.time. But mostly when I'm trying to get dinner ready or tidying around the house after school. And doing either of those things one-handed isn't ideal. I'm certain I've become an unhealthy addiction for him.

But boy is he cute. We all love him so much. His personality is blossoming by the day, and he's really quite a content and happy-go-lucky little guy.

He has transitioned from an in-home daycare to "school" now that he's walking.  As of the end of November, he's officially mobile by foot. The knees of his pants appreciate the break. And watching a liberated toddler walk is just the cutest. New situations are definitely scary to him, but after a couple of weeks (and then another couple again after Christmas break) he was good to go. And I have to say, I'm loving a more structured and learning-based environment for him.

He adores his big brother. I'm told on a weekly basis about how much he lights up with Owen stops by his classroom during the day. The teachers really marvel and make it a point to let me know how delighted he is to see him every single time. He definitely tries to mimic much of what his brother does, as well as genuinely enjoying being in his company [most of the time].

He loves his play kitchen, toy cars, and [Owen's] marble set. The one and only television show that has just now caught his attention is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he loves it a lot. (Though, he only really sits for the introduction song or the hot dog song.) He detests blankets and hats - which is inconvenient for the winter months. (Unless it's his muslin blankets which serve as his "lovey" at bedtime - and in which case we can't go without.)

He's not much of an eater. We hit a period of time where he'll surprise us for a couple of weeks, then we're right back to a guessing game of what food Brooks isn't going to throw on the floor, across the table, etc. Unless it's fruit snacks. His favorite big brother thought it would be nice to open a pack of those one day for him.. he's been bringing us fruit snacks from our cabinet ever since.

He likes books - mostly the kind with pictures that he can point to things to identify. Or anything with animals. He's learned to make a noise for a pig, sheep, horse, and cow - though rarely do they seem to be identified with the correct animal. He loves to put on his shoes. And also loves to take them off during nearly every drive. (Which is fun with a pregnant belly to climb over carseats to try to locate wherever he's thrown them.)

Cuddling isn't his style, but loves to be carried around - involved in whatever we're doing. He's a great sleeper - both at nap time and bedtime - and does so with no objections. He's finally sporting some hair, which he can identify along with his eyes, nose, mouth, belly, feet, etc.

A glimpse into our 18 month-old's vocabulary, though his most beloved word is "no.":
badoo: balloon
ohhhwaaa: Owen (said in the most mumbly/nasaly voice)
mo-mo: milk
schee da: see ya
nana: banana
ah doe?: where'd it/he/she go?
wow wow wow: round and round, referencing the Wheels on the Bus song
ah dah dah: Hot dog dog, referencing either Mickey Mouse or the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse.
up: open or up, depending on its context. ;-)

Love that little boy affectionately known as Brooksy! It's so much fun to watch you grow, little buddy.

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He looks so much like Owen in the toothbrush picture! What a cutie he is!