Monday, February 2, 2015

my weekend in photos.

My weekend got started a couple hours earlier than normal with a call from school to pick up a boy with a fever. It was remedied with some frozen custard, and he was feeling great by the next morning.

This little one and I spent a morning at home. 

While this one had a date with his daddy. 

The boys hit up Royals Fan Fest which they reported to be crazy busy - presumably one of its busier years given the totally awesome 2014 they had! 

Playing in the real kitchen, with his play kitchen within eyesight in the next room. 

I spent some time crafting on Sunday afternoon while Brooks napped, Colby painted in the garage, and Owen painted masterpieces next to me.

Every once in a great while, I surprise myself these days. Roasted some peppers for our italian beef sandwiches. 

The return of my holiday nightcap for a super chilly Sunday night.

We watched the big Superbowl game at home - I mainly tuned in for a few commercials and the halftime show, as I really couldn't have cared less about the outcome of the game. I tucked myself in to bed at the 2-minute warning. I'm glad Owen's fever didn't stick around, and even more thankful the rest of us seemed to dodge it as well. I was able to sneak away for breakfast with my sisters-in-law - the last of our monthly brunches before baby girl arrives! Otherwise, aside from a quick trip to Michael's, my weekend was spent at home - not relaxing. We made some progress on a couple of projects around the house, and I totally was feeling every bit of my 8 months of pregnancy after keeping up with my boy crew all weekend. Here we go, February!

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