Monday, February 16, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Barely hanging on at the end of another weekend that kicked my rear.

If I could check myself into a hotel for my last weeks, I'd do just that. One with no other living bodies to care for - a room all to myself with a fabulous bed. To actively not participate in conversation while the masseuse on call worked each ache and pain that my tired body hosts. And room service is a necessity because no laundry, cooking, or cleaning will be required. Or getting out of bed if I don't wanna. (And Lord knows I don't wanna.) 

We kept a busy schedule for our Valentine's weekend, but feel accomplished with use of our time. Colby turned the nursery into a safe place, though there's still quite a bit of work that needs to be done to call it complete.

Colby and I also managed to sneak in what will probably be our last date before baby arrives on the 11th anniversary of our first date. We had Valentine's brunch at Rye, and it was fabulous. Since the owners are a husband/wife chef duo named Colby & Megan, they comped my cinnamon roll for the occasion. :) We did enjoy some heart-shaped pancakes and homemade pizzas with our littlest valentines, too.

Sunday we celebrated Kirkwood's 6th birthday. Since we had his cousin Bo over for the weekend, we invited Ella & Ivy (and Nana & Papa) over to celebrate with us with some dinner and dessert - and even some ice cream for the birthday boy.

The boys continued their weekend into President's Day - kicking off the cold, snowy day with a donut date and hot cocoa before a long afternoon at swim practice. The Lancers are in their final week - ready to have my husband back! :)

V-day food = YUM.

My valentine, for 11 years and counting.

Our weekend house guest.
A v-day selfie with that big ol' bump I've grown.

These two. Such pals.

The birthday boy!

Brooks was not displeased to have some homemade ice cream.

Matching brothers.
Rarely does a weekend come and go without a trip to Costco.

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