Sunday, February 8, 2015

my weekend in photos.

I've begun my weekly doctor visits, which means we are approaching the end. Owen had the pleasure of joining me this time. I'm just glad he didn't have school the next morning to share all he learned with his friends.

Since Colby was gone for a late night of HS swimming, the boys and I grabbed dinner out. I was proud of myself for braving this feat on my own - even if it was just Noodles & Co.

Mac n' Cheese, please!

The boys warming up with some push ups before heading to the park to play basketball. 

We had two birthday parties to attend this weekend. We had fun celebrating with Miss Audrey!

 February and bare feet. My kind of February. Thanks for the beautiful weekend, KC!

I really like 4 year olds. Owen came to find me to tell me he was ready for lunch and he had gotten things ready for me. He also had already gotten a glass down and filled with ice and water (never mind that this involved climbing up on countertops unsupervised). Love this kid.

Got my first gel manicure today! I have to say, I'm so in love. Who wants to fund this new addiction? 

This little one welcomed me home after my mani/pedi date by puking on me. He made up for it by snuggling with me (which isn't his style) for a full 30 minutes (which is unheard of) while we watched Mickey Mouse. Dreamy.

One of my best decisions this weekend was putting the boys to bed and putting myself to bed at 8pm with an iPad and the Monopoly app instead of partaking in any of my adult responsibilities like unloading the dishwasher, unpacking the boys school bags, and other household chores that had no problems waiting on us til' Saturday morning. 

Birthday party numero dos - Owen was pumped to get in the water.

The boys made it to the park 3 different times over the course of our beautiful weekend. So. much. basketball. Even Air Brooksy got in a few shots. 

With our activities and the irresistible weather, we didn't make any progress at home in terms of our house projects or with the nursery. Oh well, there's always next weekend. (But how many more weekends will we get to say that before baby girl arrives?) 

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