Monday, March 30, 2015

my weekend in photos.

 This was the second time it was me left with the wolves-- I mean children-- during the witching hour to feed, bathe, and get them to bed. It went much better than the first time.  Sadie and I were sitting watching Owen play basketball, when he decided he needed to take a breather. Brooks came wandering in from his usual emptying our pantry shenanigans and climbed up onto the couch and said "cheeeese," as he normally does whenever he's sitting close to Owen (likely because I usually ask to take their picture when they're that way). So, I held out my iPhone, and snapped a selfie. Or, an "us"ie? Regardless, check it out. We're all in the frame, thanks to my long arms. And looking the right direction. And smiles, with the exception of the baby. Love my little crew. 

This 4 year old who is looking more like 14 to me began his latest adventure this weekend: basketball. Which is his new favorite. But I'll be curious to see in the coming months as we change seasons if his favorite changes along with the team he's on. ;-)

Brooks needed to escape to the hallways. It was the only way I was going to keep him off of the basketball court. 

I tuned in to some Hoosier Hysteria from KC Saturday afternoon. My high school's boys basketball team made their first appearance in the 95 years that they've been in existence to the state 2A championship game this past weekend. They ended up being beat pretty badly (by a ritzy private school who has won 5 out of the last 6 years), but it was a great run for the Eagles. 

Meanwhile, the boys went for a swim. 

Sunday errands with the whole fam. This one loves an excuse to go "bye-bye." 

We had a beautiful day for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Brooks wasted no time gathering eggs, and didn't want a single egg to go unnoticed. He filled his basket to the brim and still, he gathered. I was secretly tossing eggs across the grass as he continued to gather. 

They always bring in some sort of "Easter" animal as part of the entertainment. This year it was a baby sheep. Just like Grandpa's farm. ;-)

And, there's Sadie. She was along for the ride this weekend. Isn't that just the way it is for baby #3?

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