Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a few of their favorite things | christmas 2014

I know, I know.. it's April. And I'm talking Christmas. But I liked this post last year, and in case I have any readers who might find this helpful, I wanted to be sure I got it in. It's been sitting in my drafts for a couple of months just waiting to be finished, so I figure better late than never! Below are some of our favorite gifts from this past Christmas.

toy kitchen. This was a gift from Nana & Papa this past Christmas after his interest peaked at his cousin's house. We went with navy to make it a little less girly, but neutral enough to keep for little Sadie in the coming years. The quality is great, too. Knowing how he liked to open and close drawers, I knew this would be a perfect big ticket item. And boy was it perfect. Every day upon arriving home, he'd go straight to his kitchen and begin to play. Big brother even joined in and loved to help organize the dishes we got to go with it. I recommend going easy on dishes and food items -- he's just as happy with a handful of accessories as he would be with many.. and it's less clean up! There ain't no shame in a toy kitchen lovin' little boy!

pintoy ride-on. This was another gift for Brooks. (Big brother got a new bike, so this was sort of his equivalent.) We never did have a ride-on toy for Owen as a toddler, so I wasn't sure how well liked this would be. Since he was still getting himself stable on his feet, it took a month or so before this caught on. The storage in the front is a key component - as you know, toddlers like to carry things around, so it's a perfect compliment to the wheels. This is a European brand, but I happened upon this ride-on cargo truck at a consignment shop in mint condition and couldn't pass it up. 

baseball guys. This was gifted by little brother to our Royals/baseball loving 4-year old. I stumbled on these baseball guys at a local toy store, and was rather surprised how beloved this toy set would become. Dad labeled the field with each of the positions and with general knowledge and beginning to learn to read, it was no time before he knew all of the in and outfield positions. He simulated game after game after game for the entirety of our Christmas day, and the remaining days of school break. What a great independent and quiet play item this was. They also carry hockey, football, and soccer guys which we may have to consider for upcoming Christmases for one of the boys.

over-the-door basketball hoop. A last minute Santa gift snagged on one of those Amazon daily deals for Owen. This mini basketball hoop is much less quiet than the previously mentioned toy, and often asks for a playmate to play against.. but this was a nice upgrade from his Little Tikes goal he received a few years ago for Christmas. Since winter isn't conducive for playing baseball, this reignited his love of basketball and paved way to learn a new game: HORSE. 

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