Wednesday, April 15, 2015

introducing.. life::an outtake

In an attempt to document and remember life not only in pictures, but also the very small details of a moment, or the backstory leading up to the photo, I'm beginning a series that I'm titling "life::an outtake" to use on our family's blog. No set schedule, just when I'm inclined to share. My inspiration comes from about 3-4 friends that I follow on instagram who caption many of their photos with a story. I aways find the sincerity and the story is what makes the photo so much more interesting or beautiful.

So here it goes. A glimpse into moments of our life that may otherwise go undocumented, and even forgotten. Moments I don't want to forget. Real, uncensored.

We had just loaded up the cart to begin our Target adventure when Brooks declared, "Ah done." (You can see him trying to unbuckle his belt here.) Not all done, little buddy. We've just begun. A danish from Starbucks, desperate calls to go "bye-bye" and to be "ah done," a dropped and scattered container of strawberries, and picking up my empty shopping bags from the ground at least a dozen times later... had just worked up to the grand finale where Brooks grabbed my chai tea latte and dumped it on his head in the checkout line. Our quick trip to the store (Because how on earth do I fit more than about 3 items in my shopping cart with my current two under 2 situation? Besides, it's only a matter of time until the baby starts crying because she's hungry or over her carseat. You can only stick the pacifier back in her mouth so many times before that pisses her off, too.) was more eventful than I had anticipated today.

And for the record, the drink was no longer hot; our pride was the only thing hurt during our trip today. 

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