Friday, April 24, 2015

life::an outtake

On Wednesday evening as I was getting my shoes on to go for a run, Owen asked to join me. 

How could I turn that down? So he ran up to change, then we stretched together in the kitchen. Owen added push-ups and some made-up stretches to the mix while Brooks mimicked his every move. Then we headed outside, I put some country music on my iPhone, started my running app to track our distance and time, and off we went.. at full speed. It didn't last long. He asked to walk just up the street because he had a cramp in his side.

As life is now, our evenings usually default to the following: I am on Sadie duty while Colby plays baseball or basketball with Owen. Brooks goes between the two of us depending what level his Momma's Boy Meter is reading that day.

So this rare opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Owen was a treasure. To speak his love language by spending time doing something active with him.

Since speed is so important to him, we had quite a few sprints followed by walking during our .65 mile neighborhood loop. We finally ran at a reasonable pace for the final stretch. During our stretches of walking, we talked about his day at school, the plants in the yards we passed, and plans to go to the pool and park this summer. We also discussed his side cramps and decided next time we might try to have a banana before we go for a run.

I already can't wait for next time.

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