Monday, April 6, 2015

my weekend in photos.

We enjoyed our weekend, and with it being Monday night and actually having had a 4-day weekend with the kids (their Lutheran school closes for Good Friday & Easter Monday) - this is a pretty impressive declaration by me. I survived it.. AND enjoyed it. Yay! 

On Friday night after Colby got home from work, our family went out to dinner. This was a first, since Sadie's arrival. We chose something casual, and I was pleased/relieved to be dining alongside other toddlers and babies. ;-)

Saturday morning ball.

Followed by our monthly brunch bunch, where we invited my MIL to celebrate her birthday. We opted for lunch this time to accommodate schedules, but since lunchtime means you can have dessert, and mimosas were on our Easter brunch menu, I wasn't disappointed. Can you believe we started doing this a YEAR ago? There have been a couple of months that circumstances didn't allow a gathering, and a couple that one hasn't been able to join, but I sure do love a monthly date to chat with my sisters-in-law. :) 

 This is my view on any given day. "UP!" My handsome momma's boy on Easter Sunday.

And because Nana's turning 60, we combined celebrating Jesus' resurrection with her birthday. :)

My family. Aren't they all so cute? It was a beautiful Easter Sunday!

A separate shout-out to the little lady who's sporting her first dress and some excessively baggy tights on her teeny little bird legs. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

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