Saturday, May 30, 2015

my [long holiday] weekend in photos.

Well, before the tragic and shocking phone call came on Monday eve, I was having a really amazing extended holiday weekend. Sorry for the delay - what a crazy week it's been!

Grandpa sure does love his granddaughter. (And he sure does love hollering for me when she poops.) 

This one loves the outdoors these days. So having some extra space and new territory to cover was a lot of fun for him.

My dad hosted a birthday celebration for Owen. He had a ball. 

Our final eve I took the boys for a nature walk - we visited with the sheep, explored the pond, and soaked up the beautiful evening weather we were having.

Tuckered out.

Our family went to visit Grandma. Owen sure does miss her.

Fencerow, wild flowers, bird feeder.

My favorite backyard on the night we arrived.

Brooks loved the sheep until they baaa'ed at him. 

Love having the opportunity to visit with friends and family while I'm in town. 

We really love taking our dogs to visit - they are in their element with the extra land. 

Once we were close to home, we opened the sunroof which Kirkwood took full advantage of. Love a dog's jowls flapping in the wind.

I'm so very thankful we were able to squeeze in this trip between Colby's grandpa's passing and the funeral. As it turns out, this trip has become even more special to us as it was our family's last time staying in the home I grew up in (and also Sadie's first time). 

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