Monday, May 4, 2015

my weekend in photos.

I dubbed my weekend as Thursday afternoon when my husband gave me a quick kiss as he whisked out of town for his annual trip to the lake with his buddy for the NFL draft. He took both dogs, which eased the blow of my upcoming 3 days of being the only parent on duty with the 3 littles.

So we started by spending an extra long time on the playground after school. 

On Friday, I dropped the two littlest at Nana's after school drop-off and I spent the day running errands. Lots. Between 10 and 3:30 I got my hair cut & colored and made quick visits to Target, Nill Bros, Old Navy, Costco, Brooke's house, & Trader Joe's. It was productive and exhausting. But it's amazing how much you can get done without little people in tow. A special shout out to my TJ shopping cart:

Saturday morning basketball was followed by an afternoon at home. The dots I had applied to Sadie's nursery walls came down (I just can't figure out what I want her nursery to look like..), and then provided a solid 15 minutes of entertainment for the boys as they reapplied them to our hallway wall. 

Once Brooks got up from his nap, I set the boys lose outside to run wild while us girls relaxed and enjoyed the entertainment that is little boys.

I was pretty proud of myself by Saturday night having survived with no tears or desperate calls for Colby to cut his trip short and come rescue me. I've got a good bunch, and I'm loving being their momma.

We had some unplanned visitors from one of my besties and her twin boys. We enjoyed a glass of wine together while the boy entertainment continued.

On Sunday, we didn't leave for church. Marble races and lunch on our back porch while we anxiously awaited Colby's return. And it was glorious. And so was the weather.

Perfect for playing catch with daddy.

And bare feet in the grass.

And for well, just being Brooks.

 I don't know that she smiles more than Brooks (he was our "smiley baby"), but her smiles sure are bigger than either of my boys sported on a consistent basis. She's extra generous with her mouth wide open grins in the mornings or after a good nap. It's the best.

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