Tuesday, May 12, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Sorry I'm late! Here's some (a lot of) photos of our Mother's Day weekend!

On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Owen's Mother's Day tea at his school. The kids sang for us, served us strawberry shortcake, painted our nails, and presented us with gifts. It was just delightful. 

Here I am sporting the lovely hat he made for me. I was about a week late for the derby - I think I'd have been the finest dame out there. Love my little man.

I got duck-faced. 

We rushed around Saturday morning from Owen's first baseball game of the season to his basketball game. The seasons overlap for a couple of weeks this month, so he's keeping us busy!

Sadie wore her littlest big brother's old shirt for the occasion. Who'd have thought we'd be able to pass down any clothes from her brothers? Score! 

We had Colby's brother and sister-in-law over for an impromptu wine and dessert on our back porch Saturday night. Brooks and I had to get busy making cookies. Doesn't he look so ornery?

I have turned him into a cookie monster. He was in heaven with his "tookie." I'm not sure how one chocolate chip cookie could make such a mess.. geesh!

For Mother's Day, we went out to one of my favorite brunch spots and sat out on the patio before the storms rolled in. Brunch was exactly what I'd expect it to be with the crew in tow. Sadie wanting to be held, Owen complaining of hunger before the food arrived, then of being cold after he had eaten, and intercepted near-spills with Brooks' milk and fetching dropped crayons and silverware up until he was "ah done." Needless to say, it wasn't a slow, relaxing brunch. But neither was my morning. But I found it all to be perfect and my soul so happy. 

In between storms, I went to the park with the boys while Colby stayed home with Sadie to fix us dinner. I played tag for the first time in years which had me giggling so hard from the anticipation of being tagged. 

Brooks has just begun going down the slide on his own in the last month. And now he can't stop. But no matter what, it's always on his belly, head first. 

A dainty O, B, S mom's necklace "from the kids." Love.

And milkshakes (with my manicure still in tact) on the porch with Owen, just as we had done exactly one year ago to that day

These three make me one proud and overflowing with love mama. <3 p="">

I really had a great weekend with my family. I even got to end it with a run after the second round of storms passed through. Most perfect. 

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