Wednesday, May 20, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Fashionably late, as usual, but May continues to be incredibly busy so the blog gets the short end of the stick during busy seasons. Regardless, check out my weekend in photos.

Friday was the last day of school, so I spend another Friday afternoon at the school to see Owen's Pre-K graduation. The class put on a little number for us to the tune of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite." It turns out Owen isn't shy to show off some dance moves.

Saturday morning was another big day for Owen as he played in his last basketball game of the season. We loved watching him play.

After a stop at home for a quick lunch and some diaper changes, we headed right back out for O's baseball game to cheer on the "Maroon Mooses." (Yes, mooses. They are 4-6 year olds.)

The boys played with water, we made lemonade, and they ran around/played baseball in their diaper/underwear in our backyard after dinner. It was a perfect glimpse into summer.

We decided it was a good time to remove the railing and converted Brooks' crib to a toddler bed to start off summer break. The newly found freedom mixed with sharing a room with his big brother proved to be slightly challenging for mom & dad, but very exciting for him.

However, this boy is a boy who loves to sleep, so once the excitement wore off, he found his way back to his bed for the night. And this is how I found him.

The weekend of big events continued as we had Sadie's baptism on Sunday morning. We survived, and the little lady was perfect.

We had a big family lunch on Sunday afternoon, then settled in early to gear up for my first week back to work.

Here's to surviving my first week back!

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