Sunday, May 31, 2015

my weekend in photos.

We had an unseasonably chilly start to our weekend. And more rain. I think it was something like the 24th day with rain in the previous 28 or something along those lines. Ridiculous. My 2-day work week had come to an end, and I was ready to be home with my family. 

Saturday we were in long sleeves, pants, and still cold at Owen's baseball game. My weather app swears it was 60, but I'm not buying it. Brr.

I was able to break away for a short bit for our monthly brunch bunch at Chez Elle (a crepery downtown) with my sisters-in-law.

I spent most of the afternoon baking and party-prepping until the kids went to bed when I escaped for a Saturday night shopping trip to pick up a few things I had forgotten, but of course ended up being a 2 hour endeavor. 

Sunday morning was spent assembling fruit kebabs. Then while the babies napped, Owen & Colby headed off to his second baseball game of the weekend. 

We hosted Owen's 5th birthday party - his first "friends" party. He had the best time reuniting with his pals after a couple of weeks of summer break. 

He spent the rest of his evening opening his new toys, while Brooks found himself in heaven with the party balloons, which he took to bed with him. (And I removed for safe sleeping.) I also really sucked at taking photos this weekend, so hopefully next weekend will be a little better. :)

Can't believe this wraps up the month of May - a crazy one for the books. Bring on summer!

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