Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Celebrating my Daddy from afar today. A man I first knew as "George," then soon became "Daddy," and he rocked at it. He made his living laboring in the GM plants in my hometown's heyday - working long hours, long weeks on second and third shifts.. but always had a spot next to my mom in the bleachers of my basketball games. He worked hard to provide for our family a life he was not so fortunate to have - a summer didn't go by without a family vacation and I never paid a cent of my college education. In so many ways, we couldn't be more different. He listens to his Oldies music too loud, and has a sense of humor I will never understand. His idea of a perfect day would be spent in the woods or on a fishing boat. He's a bookworm and history junkie - documentaries are his television shows of choice. His fashion style consists of blue jeans and a flannel shirt in the winter or blue jeans and a plain pocket tee in the summers. But I've never doubted his love for me. He's an all around stand up guy who stepped in to become the ultimate dad to a couple of kids who were not born his own. He is selfless, generous, and supportive. He is gentle and rugged. He is naughty and he is interesting. And he is my Daddy. I love that man.

For all the loss I have endured in the last year, he has endured more. He was at my mom's side in her worst of days during her chemo treatments, then her declining health. He said goodbye to the love of his life far sooner than anyone should, then 6 months later to the day lost their home, their dog, and everything inside to a tragic fire. Thankful for his courage, his unconditional love, and the Daddy he was and still is to me.

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