Monday, June 15, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Friday was the first night in way too many days that one of us didn't have something on our agenda. I was more than happy to spend it at home with our family.

Colby prepared a lovely chicken & pasta dinner for us - which was interrupted too many times to count by a hungry baby, a whiney/screaming toddler, and requests for more milk and forgotten vitamins by our oldest. It was the opposite of quiet and relaxing. But once bedtime rolled around, Colby & I and a bottle of wine parked it outside on our porch - something we haven't done in way too long.

Since the introduction of Brooks' toddler bed, the two of them have yet to simply go to bed. Here we watched as Owen read Brooks his Wheels on the Bus book all the way through, while Brooks listened so intently and shouted "Yayyy" and clapped his hands when he finished.

We pulled up Google Maps street views and navigated through the streets of our childhood, then around campus at IU, and to our first date spot on Kirkwood Ave. We reminisced of the memories we had of those streets and marveled at what life looks like 11 years later. After we had finished our wine, we pulled up Netflix (screen # 3 of the evening) and watched Season 1, Episode 1 of Parenthood - a series that I clearly missed the boat on while it aired. I'm hoping we can make it through the whole series this summer.

We started Saturday morning with some drizzly baseball. I gladly watched from the car with a happy baby in my lap and a happy toddler with the freedom to roam about. I then met a couple of friends for brunch before settling in for a relaxing afternoon at home.

That evening, we headed to our neighborhood pool party where Brooks voluntarily got into the water and maybe kinda liked it? Then while the kids bathed, I snuck in a run - the first in a couple of weeks of mayhem.

After a few weeks of absence, I was so happy to get back to church on Sunday morning. Afterwards, we ran a couple of errands, then home for some snoozin'.

Another baseball game, another trip to the pool, and another Sunday night that came too soon. Perfect weekend with my family.

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