Monday, June 29, 2015

my weekend in photos.

We spent so much time outdoors this weekend. I mean, I guess that's what you do in the summer, but this weekend was 20 degrees cooler than last, so we didn't find ourselves needing to escape the sun for some A/C for an afternoon.

A Friday night family walk ended us at the park where Colby & Owen were joined by another dad and his 2 boys for some dad vs. kid baseball in the park. We stayed out past the kids' bedtimes, taking advantage of some neighborhood playmates and a gorgeous night. 

 Sadie and I watched.

Saturday mornings are for pancakes.

We got a vet and car appointment out of the way on Saturday morning before heading to Owen's game.

Then, afterwards while the babies napped, Colby & Owen got in some pool time while I got in an afternoon cocktail and quality time with Pinterest, Blogs, and social media on our back porch.

I love the stage when babies just wiggle and kick and their whole bodies move with excitement. She just can't hide it.

Then. Probably the best part of my day were these bad boys: Smoked Chicken Quesadillas with fresh roasted peppers fresh from the grill. It's our new family favorite dinner.

We ended up back at the park on Saturday night. And so did our new friends. The baseball continued on into the night - but this time, I took the babies home for bed after awhile. We're not really sure what happened - one minute Brooks was walking around with his shorts on, and the next he shows up for his turn at bat without them. 

Following church on Sunday, we were back at the ball fields for Owen's final game of the season. Owen suited up like Perez for his final inning.

"Go Owie!" Brooks would go from showing no interest to what was happening on the field, to excited clapping and cheering for Owen in a matter of seconds [at the most random times] and back to no interest.

Little sisters make good cheerleaders, too. 

As if we hadn't had enough baseball for the weekend, we tried to go catch some of Colby's game Sunday evening. Owen loved watching the guys play. Brooks on the other hand...
Game? What game? 

Whew! Owen is SO sad baseball is over, but thank goodness for backyard "homerun fences" and daddies who love to play, and now new friends to play with at the park! We have a BUSY week ahead, but we're looking forward to a long holiday weekend.

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