Tuesday, July 14, 2015

brooks' language.

We have joked these last few months that we're going to have to create a Brooksionary for our new nanny this fall to give her a little help in the 'understanding what Brooks is trying to say' department.

I mean, honestly.

Ah Dah: Mickey (coined from the "Hot Dog" song)
Wa Wa: Water or Walk, depending on the context
Mo Mo: Milk
Bee: Book
Hewwo: Phone
Ma Ma May: Made a Mess (this one is actually our favorite - he uses it frequently. Because he frequently makes messes. But he uses it with such a serious tone, and the ever so slightest twang on "may." Ha!)
Bae: Blanket
Ahjee: Ice Cream
Doe Doe: Kirkwood (which is fascinating, because that's what Owen called him, too!)
Ehpee: Airplane
Meeya: Macy
Totzee: Pizza
HeeHee: Smoothie

I'm certain there are more, but these are some of the first that come to mind.

He also has a plethora of words that are a little closer to their actual pronunciation, and does an amazing job of repeating after someone.. as long as it's something he wants to do. Toddlers. His vocabulary is just exploding. Love watching our second born learning to communicate with words!

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